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Cole Sprouse says ‘Riverdale’ cast is ready to move on


The cast is ready to say goodbye to the series

During a recent interview with GQ magazine, the star Cole Sprouseof “Riverdale”, revealed that the cast of the series is already ready to say goodbye to the series.

“Riverdale” is now in its sixth season and has changed a lot since the first season. Incidentally, if you don’t know by now some characters have gained superpowers, a big change from the series’ initial plot that involved a lot of mystery.

According to the report, several actors are ready to “wrap it with a bow,” meaning they are ready to move on and put an end to the series. The actor made it clear that it’s not that he’s ungrateful, but he thinks the plot would have reached a point of ending.

“I am not part of the creative force behind [“Riverdale”]. In fact, I have no creative control.”starts the actor. “We show up, get the scripts many times a day, and we’re asked to shoot.”

Despite some waiting for the series finale, the CW has yet to say anything about it. However, in 2021, Lili Reinhart would have mentioned, during a live on Instagram, that he believes the series would not end in season 6, but it could. The actress believes that she will have one more season and the 7th will be the last.

Cole talks about Lili and current girlfriend

Still for the same interview, Cole Sprouse made a rare comment about his ex-girlfriend and current ari Fournier.

According to the interview, Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart suffered from all the attention that the couple generated, adding to the success of the series. And that even though it was a very public relationship, it was real. He recalls that the breakup was messy and that he felt “forced” to announce the end on his social media, as he hates turning moments of his private life into public events.

Then the actor starts talking about his current relationship with model Ari Fournier, which began in March 2021, and how he intends to keep as long as possible. low key, possible. Despite this, the two have already made public appearances together.

“Followers report everything about Ari and me as bullying, and [as fotos, informações] are taken down quickly”, “Even on my other friends’ accounts, it is taken down”.

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