One Piece Red: Lots of box office records for the animated phenomenon!

Starts the cannon for this One Piece Movie – Red. The animation phenomenon in theaters in France is growing steadily. It’s a far cry from the 4,053 entries recorded for One Piece Gold, the previous film in the One Piece franchise, which hits theaters in November 2016. One Piece Red starts at 260,000! Of course, it’s worth noting that Wednesday’s release was preceded by multiple previews this past weekend. If we only keep the numbers for this Wednesday, August 10, we will reach at least 141,000 visitors in 631 cinemas.

For comparison, here are the scores recorded for the last 3 major anime released in theaters a year or more during their opening day in France: My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission recorded 43,011 admissions, January 2022; Demon Slayer the Infinity Train sold 58,500 tickets in May 2021; Finally, Jujutsu Kaisen 0, 113,443 viewers in March 2022.

The One Piece phenomenon has been launched with particularly big announcements this year, between the release of 100 volumes, not to mention the 1000th episode of the series… The manga author has also talked a lot about the end of the series. story (which he wants to finish in 2025).

The One Piece raid leaves little room for other news of the week. This week’s press favorite movie Boop Elbow to Elbow with French Comedy by Jordan Peele Reaches Over 36,000 Admissions Very high class Which is barely 200 records ahead of him! Excluding comedy previews, Nope is second in single-day Wednesday numbers. By comparison, Get Out recorded 51,190 admissions in France in 2017 and 45,458 tickets sold in the US in 2019.

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Source: CBO Box Office

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