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Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg Hunt Vampires in WTF: How Much is Day Shift on Netflix?

Available today on Netflix, Day Shift is another vampire movie. So what is Jamie Foxx as a bloodthirsty hunter worth?

What is it about?

A vampire hunter in Los Angeles has one week to raise money to pay for his daughter’s school and braces. He will have to bleed…

Service of the day, hello!

After Project Power and its superhero family series Stop Dad, Shame on You, Jamie Foxx signs Day Shift for his third collaboration with Netflix. A genre film in which the actor plays vampire hunters. A first for him.

It’s silly, complain all you want (without going into safe violence), but let’s just say that Day Shift is exactly the kind of movie we’ve come to expect, with its not-so-funny jokes, its uninteresting side, and its plot that continues to post. But. We know what we’re buying, and subscribers looking for a little Friday night comedy this summer will be able to find what they’re looking for.

On the vampire side, don’t expect a revolution. The special effects are quite simple, but effective. The latter still have the contortionist feature, which makes for some pretty funny scenes. The first also sets the tone: we see Foxx take on a 90-year-old grandmother in a sort of MMA-style fight (!).

A director who knows his subject

Day Shift is not only bad. On the contrary. The film is directed by a certain JJ Perry. This is of course his first feature film, but the man, a martial arts expert, was the stunt coordinator for Mortal Kombat, Fast & Furious 9 and John Wick.

In short, we can count on him for the fight scene choreography. Stunts are good bills and we keep it in the game. We also appreciate the presence of Scott Atkins in the casting, face to face with a nest of vampires ( wait for him to catch! ).

Of course, there are other pretty good ideas out there. Seeing Snoop Dogg smash bloodsuckers with his machine gun, cigarette in mouth and cowboy boots on is priceless. All in #westcoast mode, of course. We’ll be regretting the very disappointing performance of actor Dave Franco, the film’s weak link, in an overly conventional role as a duty…

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