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Disney: This short film is still controversial

The 2016 Disney short “Reason, No Reason” recently surfaced, sparking outrage from fans for promoting an “unrealistic” female body type. We tell you.

However, six years ago in 2016, a Disney short film called Reason, Unreason has been the talk of social media lately… but not good!

Described as a “fake”, the short film directed by Leo Matsuda that ran before Wayana, the legend of the end of the world on the big screen, It tells the story of the inner battle between the brain, the pragmatic protector who counts on the slightest movement, and the heart, the adventurer who dreams of unlimited freedom.

In the story, a man named Paul falls in love with a young woman named Kate…so far so good, but it turns out that Kate’s character has a rather wide behind and an extremely thin waist and neck!

As reported by the Mirror, footage of the film first surfaced on Glitch, where one fan wrote:The world didn’t need to do that.

Soon after it was posted, the comment caught the attention of other outraged fans and garnered more than 180,000 likes. Many users then objected to the young woman’s proportions, with some claiming she was half the size of a Disney character. were unrealistic and others thought of children watching this cartoon and believing this distorted image.

Among the comments that have made the rounds of the Internet, we can read: “It’s sad to think that children think this is what their bodies should look like“, or”I know it’s just a cartoon, but for God’s sake… that girl’s belly should be taped!

If viewers were vocal, Disney didn’t address the controversy tarnishing the image of Reason, Unreason, which still won Best Short Film at the Empire Awards in the United Kingdom. United in 2017.

For those who want to form their own opinion on the subject, a short version is available on Disney+.

Source: allocine

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