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Quiz This is where it all starts: 10 questions Theo Teysier’s true fans!

Theo Teissier played by Khaled Aluachi is one of the main characters of the daily series. It all starts here on TF1. Since the first episode, the young man has undergone a significant evolution, going from a drug-addicted student to a chef who was awarded a job at the training restaurant at the Auguste Armand Institute.

His path to success was not easy, as his father, the great pastry chef Emmanuel Teyssier (Benjamin Barochet), always pushed the boundaries. If Theo still refuses to be compared or assimilated to him, father and son begin to understand each other, even to resemble each other.

Indeed, after winning a prestigious culinary award, Theo does things differently. It must be said that his life has undergone a significant change after a difficult separation from his beloved woman and new responsibilities that have been assigned to him. In the end, the weight of his legacy and the immense pressure on his shoulders made him the one thing he had always feared: his father.

So the young man recently made the decision to go abroad for a while to fulfill his new role as a reference for Auguste Armand restaurants around the world. A break from the institution may allow him to realize his legitimacy in this position and realize his qualities as a cook.

So you’re undefeated in Theo Teyssier history? Everything starts here ? What is the name of his sister’s best friend with whom he had a romantic relationship? What was his ranking when he graduated from the institute? With which character did he create one of the star couples of the series? Test your knowledge of the Double A leaderboard by taking this quiz. But beware, only true fans will get it right!

Find it here Everything starts Monday to Friday at 18:35 on TF1 and repeats or previews on Salto.

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