Alexandre Astier: The first film score to feature him comes from Disney

The creator of “Camelot” told us about his first memory of film music.

A music lover and musician as well as a film buff, especially known for creating the Kaamelott series and directing the feature film Kaamelott – Premier Volet (July 2021), Alexandre Astier also composed the soundtrack in its entirety.

When he recently chaired the jury at the La Baule film and film-music festival, we were able to talk to him about his memories as an audience member.

When we asked him what was the first film music that exposed him in his life, he told us about a disc adapted from the famous Zorro series, whose flamenco rhythms accompanied him from a young age:

“I think the first thing that struck me — but I’m talking about it, it was on my record player, I must have been 4 years old — it was music on a record where we were telling stories and where it was. It was a bell to turn the page, you know? I had Disney’s Zoro, all the music on acoustic It was played on a guitar and it was flamenco. Anyway, it was Spanish, and I remember those harmonies being very, very touching to me.”

“I don’t know if it was a Zorro series or a movie. I don’t remember, it’s too old. But anyway, those colors are still with me because I listen to Paco de Lucia. A lot, Tomatito and all those guys. After that, I have Spanish blood, that definitely must play.

Created in the late 1950s and starring Guy Williams (as Don Diego de la Vega), the Zorro series, which chronicled the adventures of the masked avenger against the ruthless Monastario and the clumsy Sergeant Garcia, struck a chord with several generations of young viewers.

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