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“Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities” receives trailer and preview date


Netflix has released the release date and the first images of “The Cabinet of Curiosities by Guillermo Del Toro”, a collection of horror anthology created by the famous director.

Del Toro’s idea is to use “The Cabinet of Curiosities” to challenge traditional notions of horror and horror, with eight stories selected by him and brought to life by writers and directors chosen by Guillermo Del Toro himself.

The stories will arrive on Netflix in October, close to Halloween, with two new episodes premiered every day over a four-day period.

Check out the first images of this horror anthology released by Netflix:

“With ‘Curiosities Cabinet’, we have decided to show the realities that exist outside our normal world: anomalies and curiosities. We selected and curated a group of storytellers and storytellers to tell these tales, whether they come from outer space, supernatural folklore or simply in our own minds, “del Toro said in a statement.” Just in time for Halloween, each of these eight stories it’s a fantastic peek into the cupboard of delights beneath the reality we live in. “

Discover the names, cast and direction of each of the eight stories in “The Cabinet of Curiosities by Guillermo Del Toro”:

“Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities” is created and produced by Del Toro. J. Miles Dale is also executive producer and co-showrunner, and Gary Ungar is executive producer. Regina Corrado is co-executive producer and Guillermo Del Toro is also the host.

The first two episodes of the anthology series arrive on Netflix on October 25, with two new short stories arriving on the platform every day until October 28, when the full collection will be available.

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