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Netflix novel accused of racism and military propaganda

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The novel “Continência ao Amor”, a Netflix original production, is facing sharp criticism for its content, considered racist and misogynist, as well as being called military propaganda.

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Based on Tess Wakefield’s novel “Purple Hearts”, the film tells the story of Cassie (Sofia Carson, “Descendants”), a woman who marries a marine (Nicholas Galitzine, “Cinderella”) to be a beneficiary. health plan, which gives him access to the medicines he needs to survive, but ends up falling for real.

Much of the criticism received by the film centers on the representation of the military. A Twitter user explained that the film is “American military propaganda that uses the invasion and death of 1.2 million Iraqis as a romantic comedy.”

Another wrote that “Continuity to Love” is a “blatantly anti-Arab, anti-Hispanic, racist, misogynist and pro-military propaganda film”. And there were those who regretted the plot in which a Latin woman “changes her beliefs just to be with a racist white soldier.”

One scene in particular caused widespread rejection. In it, a character makes a racist comment about his pride in “hunting down some Arabs”. While the female lead is uncomfortable with this kind of comment, her husband seems to agree with her statement.

That turmoil led director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum (“The Enchanted Tennis”) to speak out, defending the film. For the director, the greatest quality of the film lies in the fact that it shows how two very different people can meet despite their differences.

“I hope people understand that in order for characters to grow, they have to be flawed in the beginning,” he told Variety. “So we intentionally created two characters that were created to hate each other … In order for the red heart and the blue heart to turn purple, you have to have them a bit at the extremes. Some of the people around them are even more problems of them. Both of them have been neglected by the system; he is wounded in a war that seems to never end and she is slipping through the cracks of the health system. So they are both neglected by the system, and therefore they live under one roof and, in these extreme circumstances, learn to become more moderate, to listen to and love yourself “.

Rosenbaum added: “I hope anyone who has been somewhat insulted by this understands that our intentions are very pure, and that is because we feel that people need to grow and they need to start becoming more moderate.”

Actress Sofia Carson, who in addition to the protagonist is also executive producer of the film, defended the work.

“The reason I fell in love with the film is that it’s a love story, but it’s so much more,” Carson told Variety. “They are two hearts, one red, one blue, two separate worlds, which are truly created to hate each other. Through the power of love, they learn to lead with empathy and compassion, love each other and transform into this beautiful tone. . in purple. We wanted to represent both sides as accurately as possible, “he said, evoking the colors associated with the Republican (red) and Democratic (blue) parties in the United States.

He elaborated on this in another interview with The Hollywood Reporter: “We absolutely wanted to show the dichotomy between these two characters and their incredibly different political views without taking sides. And also to show that, especially Cassie’s character, she never leaves. go. who he is or what he believes in. What happens to these two people is that instead of approaching with hatred and seeing their divisions, they begin to see each other as human beings, not just political opinions. compassion and empathy. Call it optimistic, but this is the story we wanted to tell, is that if you drive with love, love can heal in ways that can be powerful enough. “

American website Vulture mocked this “message” in its review, saying the film defends “centrirism as a way to true love”.

Despite the controversy, “Continência ao Amor” is a hit on Netflix. The film has been watched for over 100 million hours, making it the most viewed movie of the week on the streaming service.

Source: Terra

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