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Tonight on TV: One of the most beloved comedies in French cinema


Every day, AlloCiné recommends watching a movie (again) on TV. Tonight: Michel Cerro plays a grumpy old man to Pierre Chernya.

In the early 1970s, Pierre Chernya, a bit of a thinker from theater and television, wrote the script for several albums.Asterix and Lucky Luke With Rene Goskin. Gradually, their collaboration extends to writing the script for Le Viager, which combines the apprentice filmmaker’s good-natured humor, tinged with impudence and a sense of repetition, as well as a taste for ellipsis and caricature. Author of comics.

Sporting a fake nose, Michele Cerro portrays the main character, Louis Martinet, a 59-year-old bachelor who is expected to live for two years at most. Tired of waiting for him to die, the Galippo family (Michel Galabru in the lead) plans to get rid of him and finally get a pension. Unfortunately, their efforts always backfire…

For his first film production, Pierre Chernya achieved a real public success, since then Life annuity attracting 2.1 million moviegoers. Without losing any of its bite, this raunchy and delicious satire will age just like its hero! AlloCiné is rated 3.6 out of 5 by Internet users.

Life annuity Pierre Czernia with Pierre Czernia, Michel Cero, Claude Brasseur…

Tonight on W9 at 9.05pm.

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