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Jeffrey Dahmer: The story of the serial killer turned into a Netflix series

Known for killing 17 people, Jeffrey Dahmer is one of the top killers in the United States and his story will be told in the Netflix series

THE Netflix has launched its new series of true crime, Dahmer: an American cannibal. inspired by true story by Jeffrey Dahmer, one of the most brutal serial killers in the United States, the work tells how the man raped and killed 17 people.

It’s such a cheesy story that the series was a hit in the streaming service. Additionally, the production has led to many people researching who Jeffrey Dahmer is. With this in mind, the Canaltech decided to tell a little more about this criminal, what he did with his victims and why he became a series on Netflix.

What did Jeffrey Dahmer do with the victims?

Jeffrey Dahmer was a white and blond man who committed 17 murders between 1978 and 1991. His victims were gay men and boys, like himself, who were killed by strangulation. Before killing them, however, Dahmer raped them. In addition to sexual violence, the criminal also committed cannibalism and necrophilia (sexual intercourse with the dead).

Her first crime occurred three weeks after graduation. He suffocated a backpacker identified as Steven Hicks and stored his bones in his backyard. This was, in fact, a common killer practice: keeping his victims’ pieces in plastic bags and eventually consuming them later. The technique for cleaning corpses was learned from his father Lionel Dahmer, who was a chemist.

Did Jeffrey Dahmer suffer from any illness?

It is common to think that serial killers suffer from some mental disorder. In the case of Jeffrey Dahmer, experts say he suffered from Asperger’s syndrome, a condition on the autism spectrum usually with a more functional adaptation. In addition, he was diagnosed with a borderline, schizotypic and psychotic personality.

Evan Peters plays the psychopath Jeffrey Dahmer.  (Picture: Playback / Netflix)

It is worth remembering that childhood alcohol abuse may have contributed to his aggressive behavior. Investigators also found that her mother had mental problems when she was pregnant with him, which led to her taking a lot of medications during her pregnancy.

What happened to Jeffrey Dahmer?

Even committing so many crimes, Dahmer was not arrested. This situation can be explained by the structural racism and the fact that he had fair skin and eyes aided in impunity. Furthermore, police negligence was a determining factor in his freedom for longer than he was.

Jeffrey Dahmer was on active duty for 23 years, until he was captured in 1991. In prison, he was beaten to death (Photo: Reproduction / Milwaukee Police Department)

When he was finally convicted of 15 murders, Dahmer received a life sentence. In 1994, in prison, he was assigned a task with two other inmates, one of whom was Christopher Scarver, who questioned him about the murder of people of color. The two quarreled and Scarver beat him with an iron bar. Dahmer succumbed to his injuries and died shortly thereafter.

How is the Netflix series on Jeffrey Dahmer?

With ten episodes, Dahmer: an American cannibal has a chance of success. This is because it brings a heavy cast with Evan Peters (X-Men Apocalypse) in the main role, in addition to Niecy Nash, Molly Ringwald, Richard Jenkisn, among others. Ryan Murphy, winner of 5 Golden Globe and 7 Emmy Awards and known for series such as American horror story.

The plot was also praised for its faithfulness to the true story. you can watch Dahmer: an American cannibal to Netflix.

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