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Plus belle la vie: Why did Agathe return to prostitution? We have the answer


Warning, this article contains many spoilers for the next episodes of Plus belle la vie. If you don’t want to understand anything, don’t read!

As Plus belle la vie prepares to go viral, the writers of the series have decided to strike a chord behind some of the iconic characters of the series for a memorable story.

Pavel, Livia, Stan Mercier and many others have come to disturb the peace of the Mistral residents. If fans were happy to learn that Javad (David Bayot) and Agathe (Valerie Baurens) finally returned after many years in Marseille, they were surprised to learn that this reunion will take place during their escape from Les Baumettes.

Then the question remained unanswered: why did Agathe return, after several years of prostitution she was able to organize her life? Thanks to an excerpt published on the site this Monday, September 26, the mystery is finally out.

When Leo, her ex-lover, takes her to a cabin in the middle of the woods to keep her safe, she asks what happened to her all these years. He then explains that his son, Maxime, had debts that he had to pay very quickly.

So he reconnected with old contacts in Marseilles to start working again. Agathe also tells him what happened to the pimp he killed. He was drinking and it landed on him. He then expelled her, causing her death. Therefore, he is innocent, but he has no way to prove it.

Will Agathe be able to prove her innocence to avoid going back to prison? Will Leo leave Claire to get back with her? The answer in the next episodes of Plus belle la vie, available in previews on Salto.

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