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Dragon House on OCS: Episode 6 Recap where Renira changes her mind

Please note, the following is the plot of episode 5 of the Dragon series, which is available on demand on OCS. If you haven’t seen it yet and don’t want to know anything about its content, I suggest you stop reading this article now.

credits and rivers of blood. Welcome to episode six of House of the Dragon.

And it begins with a nativity scene. Rhaenyra gives life and her suffering will not escape us. A baby barely out of the womb, the queen asks to see him. And what does Renira do? Not even five minutes after giving birth, she gets up and goes to present the baby herself.

The journey to the Queen’s Chamber seems endless. Fortunately, Lenore stands in solidarity with her husband and accompanies him on this way of the cross. That’s enough to make the introduction of the new Rhaenyra the way it should be.

And oh surprise! Who do we see at the entrance to the Queen’s Chamber? Sir Kristen Cole! (who pecks the princess) Alicent pretends to ask about Rhaenyra’s condition. A dying Viserys comes to see his grandson. And Lenore decides to name the baby Joffrey after her dead lover. As for Alicent, he holds the baby without permission to make sure it doesn’t look like Lenore. Passive aggressive mode is on.

Raenira (Emma D’Arcy), Mother Courage to the End

that After leaving the queen’s chamber, a trail of blood follows Rhaenyra. Returning to her apartments, she finds her other children, two boys, and Sir Harwyn Strong, her new patron knight and no doubt the father of her three children.

In the dragon pit of the palace, Renyra and Alicent’s children undergo dragon training. One of Rhaenyra’s boys learns to master the task and utters his first “drakars”. And the poor goat ends up being barbecued.

Emond, one of Alicent’s sons, doesn’t have a dragon and is laughed at by his brothers. The poor boy is offered a pig with dragon wings placed on its back. When everyone is gone, Emond is left alone and enters the lair of the creatures in the darkness. He meets a dragon who greets him by spitting fire on the ceiling and pulling the baby to his feet.

Alicent spends some time with her daughter, who seems to have a fetish for insects. Emond returns terrified after his terrifying encounter, and a priori, it’s not the first time.

After a while, Viserys and Alicent stand out like an old couple. Alicent talks about the paternity of Renira’s children. And the fact that they look absolutely nothing like their father. Viserys doesn’t want to hear anything and asks his loving wife not to broach the subject anymore.

Alicent angers Kristen Cole, who allows herself to insult Renira. Therefore, the boy became more and more bitter over the years, and he has not yet digested turning aside.

In his bedroom, Aegon – the eldest son of Viserys and Alicent – masturbates while standing on the windowsill. (This scene speaks for itself). His mother enters without knocking. He is angry with Emond and the trick Aegon played on him with the boar. He also pretends to ignore his son’s activities and makes it difficult for him.

Her concern: Jacqueris, Rhaenyra’s eldest son, will be her heir when her mother takes the throne. This rise to power poses an immediate threat to Alicent’s children. He has visibly lost all composure over the past 10 years and is intent on seeing his son ascend to the throne.

We find the demon and his wife Laena, daughter of Lord Corliss, both riding a dragon because why not, it’s more fun than a horse. And after that they are offered a pleasant feast. They are guests of the Prince of Pentos. He offers them an alliance and permanent residence in Pentos. In exchange for their help – and their dragons – against an enemy that threatens the region.

Laena is absolutely not impressed. But the demon tempts this thought. And guess who will have the last word in the story? As the evening comes, Laena tries to convey her opinion to her husband. She refuses to give birth in Pentos, far from her land. But talking to a demon to get it to listen to reason is like talking to a wall.

that Port-Real, the sons of Alicent and Renyra, are each training in martial arts under the tutelage of their guardian knight/instructor: Kristen Cole on one side and Harvin Strong on the other. Cole confronts Aegon and his brothers and causes them to touch. (Similar to Galadriel in Episode 5 of Rings of Power).

But Harvin and Kristen confront each other from afar through their students. And Cole arranges a battle between Aegon, the elder of Alicent, and Jacqueris, the elder of Rhaenyra. The age difference between the two boys makes the confrontation completely unequal. Harvin teaches fair play. And Cole teaches him how to win with low kicks.

Cole provokes Strong, who steps in to protect young Jacqueris, barely hinting that his reaction was that of his father. A provocation to which Harvin Strong responds by smashing Kristen Cole’s face. Welcome beat.


The ladies-in-waiting alert Rhaenyra, who takes the secret passage to her room and overhears a conversation between Harwyn Strong and her father, Lord Lionel Strong, still Hand of the King. The father warns his son about the dangers of a relationship with Rhenyra.

Back at her apartments, Rhaenyra sees Lenore passed out drunk in the company of Sir Carl, who is no doubt her lover. Laenor happily returns to the war against Dorne and the looming Triarchy. Rhaenyra informs Laenor of the rumors about her children and refuses to let her husband go under threat. She orders him to stay.

that Pentos, the second daughter of Laena and a demon, laments that she does not have a dragon. And at the same time notes that the demon is not the best father in the world. If he doesn’t bully his kids, he doesn’t care. A short while later, Laena goes to join her husband and informs him that Rhaenyra has given birth. He still tries to convince her to return to Westeros.

At the King’s Council, Alicent and Rhaenyra continue their passive-aggressive conversational mode. They deal with the affairs of the kingdom by sending pikemen. But Rhaenyra addresses the rift between the queen and him. To calm the situation and prevent a massacre, he offers his former friend an alliance: the marriage of his son Jacqueris, the future heir to the throne, to Helena, the daughter of Alicent and Viserys. Obviously, we will not touch upon the question of morality or kinship here.

Viserys looks delighted. Alicent much less. As a bonus, Rhaenyra offers Emond a dragon egg. But Alicent points out to Renira that she’s losing milk and backs off, telling her to think about it.

Completely undeterred, Alicent tells all the bad things he thinks about it all to Viserys, who no longer has the power to fight back or impose his will. Lionel Strong appears in the King’s Chambers to resign following his son Harvin’s scandal with Kristen Cole. Viserys refused to resign. Lord Lionel then requests permission to bring his son to the family seat after being banished from the palace. The charge is taken.

Annoyed, Alicent goes to Lord Larry, Sir Harvin Strong’s brother and Lionel Strong’s son. They have planned a little dinner together to gossip and hatch all sorts of conspiracies. She gives him the latest news: Lionel remains Hand of the King and Harvin is being sent home. Laris disagrees…

Alicent worries that he has no allies. After dinner, Laris goes to prison. He is there to hire criminal vermin…

that Pentos, Laena is in labor, but things look bad. Doctors have no choice but to perform a caesarean section. Laena overhears the conversation between the demon and the doctor. He leaves the room and goes to Vagar, his dragon, and orders it to burn. The dragon does not immediately obey, but, frightened by this scene of horror, obeys the command of his mistress before the demon.

demon scared (like us)

that In Port Real, Rhaenyra is deeply saddened by the departure of Ser Harwyn, her love and the father of her children. The knight hugs his children and leaves. Jakeris understands the situation and asks her mother if Harvin Strong is her father. A question to which Renira answers with a pirouette. She’s a Targaryen and that’s all that matters. (We will talk about the child’s right to know his biological father one more time).

With Ser Harwyn gone, Rhaenyra decides to leave King’s Landing to settle in Dragonstone with Laenor and their children. A way to protect them from the back of the court. And in his great leniency, he allows Lenore to take Sir Carl away.

that Harrenhal, seat of power, father and son arrive in prison. But the welcoming committee is waiting for them. In the middle of the night, they are awakened by a giant fire that traps them.

Rhaenyra and her little family arrive at Dragonstone. Laena’s daughters mourn their mother. And Lord Larris confides in Alicent that he is behind the murders of his father and his brother. He lays the burden of guilt on Alicent, saying that he has done his will and awaits his reward when the time comes.


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