“Napoleon”: the biopic with Joaquin Phoenix due out in 2023, the website states

Ridley Scott’s direction was due to premiere in December of this year, but post-production hasn’t been completed yet

Napoleonthe film he will bring Joaquin Phoenix in the role of one of the greatest French statesmen, it will be released in 2023.

The premiere of the feature film directed by Ridley Scott it was scheduled for December this year, but post-production has not yet been completed, according to information on the website. IndieWire. For this reason, Napoleon moreover, it will not be able to compete in the next edition of Oscar.

The plot is intended to portray the story of Napoleon Bonaparte and his rise as emperor of France. The film will also focus on Napoleon’s relationship with his wife, Josephine, who will be played by the actress. Vanessa Kirby.

originally titled kit bagfilming began in February and was completed in May a Europe. Napoleon will be released by applebut the month of the premiere is not yet known.

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