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Walking Dead: 8 deleted scenes that deserved to appear in the series

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Warning, spoilers. The following article will reveal the main elements of The Walking Dead.

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Episode 3 of the 11th and final season of The Walking Dead airs on Monday, October 3 and will mark the beginning of the end of the long epic series. You know that the show, now a cult, is full of action, suspense and emotional scenes that have made the public addicted to the story and the characters involved.

During the creation of the series, the showrunners had to make decisions about which scenes were the most important in the time allotted for each episode. However, a few cut scenes were probably intended to be part of the final cut, scenes that provided clarification (minimal or major) on the plot and/or characters and that gave The Walking Dead a sometimes different meaning. According to the ranking compiled by Screenrant, we present to you 8 who deserved to appear in the series.

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After the group left the CDC at the end of Season 1, the survivors found themselves alone on the roads before finally coming across Hershel’s (Scott Wilson) farm. In the first episode of the second season, they find themselves on a highway, where they first see a horde of walkers before Sophia (Madison Lintz) disappears.

The deleted scene, which was supposed to take place before the freeway incident, emphasized the group’s dynamic from the start. While there are definitely a few reasons why it wasn’t included, such as cutting down on episode time, for example, it would have added more suspense to the new season.

This footage reveals that the Walkers aren’t the only threat the group has to worry about, as they hunt down Guillermo’s (Neal Brown Jr.) gang, who earlier kidnapped Glenn (Steven Yeun) — and who turned out to be missing. That is bad – completely dead. And the clues are clear: Merchants are not responsible…

Thus, the scene provided an early picture of the dangers of other people. It won’t be until the end of the season when Rick (Andrew Lincoln), Hershel and Glenn meet the two men. dangerous At the bar, the human threat really started to take shape.

Obviously, there are plenty of heartbreaking deaths in each season of The Walking Dead , but Lori’s (Sarah Wayne Callies) season 3 death gave the younger members of the group a chance to reflect on their own mortality. They know at this point that the people they love will die, but the concept of an afterlife is only briefly touched upon throughout the series.

In this deleted scene from season 3, Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Beth (Emily Keane) talk about death and what can happen after it. The sequence is a missed opportunity that could have contributed greatly to the personality of the young man who here asks his friend if his belief in heaven helps.

Although Hershel, for example, is a religious character, it is often unclear how the other members of the group view death and what comes after it. If this scene had been included, it would have given the audience a chance to see what the group who constantly struggle with death think about the afterlife and how their opinions change over time.

While Laurie’s death was Carl’s biggest loss on the show, it also affected his father beyond repair. Rick loses a lot along the way, but the loss of his wife played an important role in character development, making him more “undone” and changing his personality throughout the series. After her death, he began to have visions of her.

In this deleted version of one of the scenes Rick sees Laurie after she dies, he sees what she would look like as a walker. This haunting image may have been left out as these moments highlighted Rick’s journey to come to terms with his loss and this last sighting of him may have been out of place. However, it would have helped to show how he grew out of his delusions, instead of just toning them down in episodes.

During his time on the show, Hershel has given many words of wisdom, leaving audiences wondering who the next thoughtful character would be after his death. After tending to the sick in the prison, I was heartbroken not to see Hershel until the scene of his death.

While he and Michonne (Danai Gurira) are in captivity, they talk to the Governor (David Morris). However, this deleted scene showed another member of the governor’s party talking to the captives. This scene was probably deleted because it wasn’t considered important enough to the story, but if it had aired, it would not only have given Hershel a little more screen time before his death, but it would have made the Governor’s group less blinded by the man’s terrifying nature. and therefore less sympathetic.

The group is often too busy trying to survive to spend quality family time. Although Carl and Ricky escape the prison after its destruction, the boy barely speaks to his father and is visibly upset by the situation they find themselves in, believing that Ricky is partially responsible for all of these losses.

When Michonne joins them, Carl’s hostile nature towards his father lessens a bit. It would have been a perfect time for a scene like this, in which Rick expresses how much he respects his son. Most of the show is combat and suspense, which doesn’t leave much time for how the kids growing up in this world are viewed. The footage also reportedly highlights how they reconciled after prison, giving the audience a quiet father-son moment.

At this point, the survivors have escaped to the terminus of the cannibalistic group, but they have not yet been taken to Alexandria. However, when Carol (Melissa McBride) and Betty are incarcerated in an Atlanta hospital, they must come up with another plan to save their loved ones.

In this deleted scene, Rick and Daryl (Norman Reedus) agree to kill everyone in the facility if things go wrong. However, the scene was not shown in the episode, presumably because even after Betty’s death, they don’t try to drop off the whole group at the hospital.

If Rick wanted to kill people before, the perspective changed before the Governor destroyed the prison and nearly all of them were killed in Terminus. This little scene would have emphasized to the audience that Ricky was no longer interested in compromise.

Many members of the group struggled to adapt to the easy and safe way of life in Alexandria. However, Rick seems content that all is well for his family and is ready to take over the town by force if things don’t go their way.

As Rick begins to trust the people of Alexandria, the audience sees him scheming and hiding weapons rather than trying to fit in with their way of life. However, in this deleted scene, he expresses his willingness to follow the established rules and allow their group to be unarmed.

If this scene had happened, it would have revealed another side of the character: he wouldn’t be the only one who only cares about weapons, and the Alexandrians would have lived differently. Moreover, these images did not contradict his other statements, as here he ends his conversation with Michonne by saying that they can still defend themselves even without weapons.

Glenn’s death left the entire band as well as the audience devastated. And at the same time, losing Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) was difficult. But the fact that Glenn never met his son was an added tragedy.

While there’s a similar scene in which the group is seen dining together in a dreamy future, this cut goes further and expands on that particular point, showing Glenn spending time playing and bonding with his son, Herschel Rie.

This sequence would have been much more emotional – and heartbreaking – than the vision of the “future” we were treated to. While this may have slowed down the story (why did the shorter version air?), it would still have been a good way to end the story.

The Walking Dead Season 11 finale airs Monday, October 3rd on OCS.

Source: allocine

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