Quiz It all starts here: only true Axel (Thomas and Costa) fans will get it right!

As soon as he arrived here, it all begins in March 2022, Axel Teissier quickly intrigued the audience. It must be said that the nephew of the famous chef Taysier (Benjamin Barochet) was immediately distinguished by his family history, which made him settle in Calvier.

Played by actor Thomas da Costa, Axel established himself over the course of the episodes as a new favorite among viewers, who did not hesitate to compare him to the character of Maxime, played by Clement Remiens. Turning Teissier’s nephew into one of the soap opera’s new major figures, he quickly found himself at the center of a love triangle with Jasmine (Zoe Severin) and Salome (Aurelie Pons).

But it’s also his desire to integrate gastronomy school and his passion for cooking that served as a common thread for the character as he prepared for months for the highly selective entrance exam.

Although he recently managed to integrate into the prestigious school, Axel now faces new difficulties as he must work tirelessly to maintain the reputation of the Teyssier family.

So you’re invincible on Axel’s character where it all begins? Why did Axel settle in Calvier? What was the condition for his stay at the institute? With which characters did Axel prepare for the entrance exam at the institute? Test your knowledge of this essential new student by taking this quiz. But beware, only true fans will get it right!

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Source: allocine