Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Netflix: Does Jeffrey Dahmer look like Stranger Things?

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It will be an intriguing crossover! TikTok users are convinced they spotted serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer in the background of a Stranger Things clip.

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Since the release of Dahmer: Monster – The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer starring Evan Peters, the serial killer is truly everywhere (only in a virtual way, thankfully). So this strange observation was not lost on viewers of both Netflix series.

The clip is from Season 4 of Stranger Things and shows Max (Sadie Sink) getting off the school bus. Then in the background walks a guy who looks suspiciously like Jeffrey Dahmer. See for yourself:

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@elodvdb Jeffrey Dahmer in Stranger Things? ūüėĪ #JeffreyDahmer #strange #for you ‚ô¨ Original sound – elovdb

@franzis414 Jeffrey Dahmer #JeffreyDahmer #Dahmer #netflix #monsterdahmer #strange ‚ô¨ Psycho Killer Talking Heads – _alt.music_

We must admit that this young man is very similar to him, but this crossing is impossible. Jeffrey Dahmer actually graduated high school in May 1978, but Stranger Things Season 4 is set in 1986: so the dates don’t match.

That didn’t stop TikTok users from posting clips about it, however, and the videos racked up over a million views, which, while false, quickly sent the internet into a panic. Doppelganger perhaps? More fashionable young people of that time!

Dahmer: Monster – The story of Jeffrey Dahmer and Stranger Things can be found on Netflix.

Source: allocine

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