Movie Quiz: 9 Movies You’re Hungry To Know!

To celebrate the release of the Poulet Frites documentary, we’re taking a quiz on movie titles to make you want to sit down for a bite to eat. We give you the pitch, it’s up to you to find the title!

Jean Libon and Yves Hinnant’s documentary “Poulet Frites” plunges us into the heart of a police investigation, where the exhibit is… french fries! This usually happens in Belgium. Shot in black and white, the film is the second feature film of The Strip, the title of the television show that ended in 2012.

Titled Neither Judge nor Obey, the Shaw team’s first film, released in 2019, won the César for Best Documentary. We followed Judge Ann Groves, who we also see at Poulet Frites.

Why did you give this title to the documentary? Because it’s a police investigation (“chicken” in slang) and because the exhibit is free… logic!

In conjunction with the theatrical release of this documentary, Polar offers a quiz about the movie titles that make you hungry. do you get 9/9

did you know

Directors explain “Our writing is a comedy in its own way, thanks to the combination of black humor, absurdity, poignancy of situations, sometimes a little vulgarity, poetry, despair, all of which are rooted in our era. It’s about scandalizing or making people laugh by sticking a finger where it hurts. This also applies to showing modern tragicomic situations. We write reality, tracking our daily lives by identifying characters and anecdotes from all social, cultural and professional categories..

A formula that has already proven itself in the Belgian documentary program Strip-tease broadcast on RTBF and France 3.

For more than twenty-five years, the program offered “France and Belgium undressed” without interviews or voice-overs. Become iconic, striptease caused controversy in 2012 with this episode Desperately looking for a shepherdess In which we follow a lonely farmer whose grandparents use a marriage agency to hook him up with a young Romanian.

The title of the show comes from one of the first reports in which we followed a young stripper who took part in an amateur stripper competition organized by Bernard Scholl in Brussels. A poster of the event was pasted on the door of the editing room. When researching the title of the show, the producers found that “Strip-Tease” fit the concept perfectly and quickly came up with the subtitle “A Strip-Tease Magazine”.

Source: allocine