Blonde on Netflix: Ana de Armas is afraid to see her nude scenes on the networks

Actress Ana de Armas, who stars in the fake Marilyn Monroe biopic Blonde on Netflix, is worried that some nude scenes will be taken out of context and uploaded online.

Available on Netflix from September 28, Blonde is an adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates’ bestseller of the same name, depicting a tumultuous childhood, meteoric rise and complicated love stories. Marilyn Monroe.

In this bold retelling of the life of Norma Jeane/Marilyn Monroe, the director Andrew Dominick It blurs the lines between fact and fiction and explores the major gap between his public persona and the person he was in private.

Ana de Armas’ fear of blondes

It is the actress Anna de Armas who plays the late Hollywood star and who gives everything to Marilyn Monroe in the darkest moments of her personal life and career. While the Cuban actor is proud of his performance, there is one issue that worries him about the film’s release.

It was during the interview variety, in which he turned to the issue of privacy and the fact that the paparazzi are scrutinizing his love life in detail, that Ana de Armas asked a question that worries him. What people can do with certain sections of the blonde where it’s bare.

The actor is afraid that by posting on Netflix, these passages will end up on the Internet, out of context, because of malicious people:

“I did things in this movie that I would never do for anyone else. I did it for him and I did it for Andrew. I know it’s going to go viral and it’s disgusting.

Just thinking about it breaks my heart. I can’t control that, you can’t really control what they do and how they take things out of context. I don’t think it gave me any doubts, it just gave me a bitter taste to think about the future of these lines.”

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Blonde is available on Netflix.

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