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“House of the Dragon”: An eye for a dragon

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This Sunday, HBO aired the seventh episode of “House of the Dragon,” which further highlighted the division within House Targaryen, with a dragon becoming a pivotal topic in the episode’s story.

After the events of the previous episode, episode 7 of “The House of the Dragon” began with a family reunion at Dragonstone, where a ceremony was held for Laena Velaryon, sister of Laenor and wife of Daemon, who she died tragically.

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There, from the start, there is a palpable tension between different characters, from Corlys and Rhaenys with Rhaenyra, Rhaenyra with Daemon, and even between Alicent’s children, Rhaenyra and Daemon.

The episode has some great moments, including Rhaenyra (Emma D’Arcy) and Daemon (Matt Smith) reuniting after Laena’s death, which sparked a deep conversation between the two, in which she explained her life in the last years together. Laenor.

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But as the pair of uncle and nephew (say) reconnected, young Aemond Targaryen (Leo Ashton), the second son of Queen Alicent, stole the show in the episode.

Motivated to have a dragon to call his own, he took a risk, but performed a fantastic and long-running scene of a flight on a dragon’s back. The effects are incredible and you can feel like Aemond, struggling to stay on top of the giant monster.

However, upon returning, the boy ends up confronting Rhaenyra’s and Laena’s sons and Daemon’s daughters, and the fight ends with Aemond lending an eye to his dragon, literally.

This caused a great meeting to take place, with truths spoken, accusations made and bloodshed. Alicent called for an eye for an eye, with Olivia Cooke putting on an acting show as she lost control in front of King Viserys’ entire court. Young Leo Ashton also stood out here and his character appeared in more than one highlight of the episode.

The episode then took a turn, with Laenor making a promise to Rhaenyra. But the princess conspired with Daemon, who may have hired the wrong person for a job.

The turnaround that followed was also surprising for the readers of “Fire and Blood”, the book by George RR Martin on which the episode is based. This is because the revelation of the last scene of the episode does not happen in the book. It will be interesting to see where this change takes the series and whether it will impact its story.

With each side going its way, laden with resentment, blacks and greens continue their mutual hatred, now veiled, now open. A long-awaited marriage completes the episode, with Valyria’s blood gathering once again.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see another time jump, maybe a few years, happen very soon. After all, the series hasn’t bothered to skip time periods in favor of constant events.

The eighth episode of “House of the Dragon” arrives next Sunday (9), at 10pm on HBO and HBO Max.

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