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strange world | Find out who’s who in new animation from Disney

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Disney’s Strange World hits theaters 11/24. As the name suggests, the animation embarks on an adventure in a very strange place.

Strange worldthe latest animation of walt disney company, is hitting theaters around the world. The film tells the story of the Clade family, consisting of an adventurous explorer and a quiet farmer, among other characters.

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With different personalities and goals, father and son distance themselves, but the search for the safety of Avalonia, where they live, results in many surprises years later. THE Disney animation explore, as the name suggests, a completely different universe that manages to frighten and delight at the same time.

The film takes an adventure into a world that's beyond weird (Image: Disclosure/Disney)

If you’re curious to watch Disney’s new animation in theaters, learn a little more about who’s who Strange world🇧🇷

Jager Clade

Jaeger is the great adventurer of the film (Image: Disclosure/Disney)

The character Jaeger Clade is a great explorer of Avalonia and has always dreamed of conquering the mountains that surround the place. However, his focus has become an obsession that has alienated him from his son Searcher.

Seeker Clade

The researcher is not so adventurous (Image: Disclosure/Disney)

Searcher, son of Jaeger, has made the difficult decision to step out of his father’s shadow and follow his dreams. He thus built a family and promised to devote himself to it, contrary to what his father did. The character has a son named Ethan, takes care of a farm and discovered the pando plant, capable of generating energy, which transformed Avalonia.

Ethan Clade

Ethan is the son of Searcher (Image: Disclosure/Disney)

Teenage Ethan is Jaeger’s son with pilot Meridian and is 16 years old. Like all young people, Ethan has a crush on him, Diazo, he has a spirit adventurous and loves to learn more about his grandfather’s story.

Meridian clade

Meridian is Searcher's wife (Image: Disclosure/Disney)

Medirian Clade is married to Searcher and is an airline pilot. He uses his talent to work on the farm where they live, growing lots of bread to distribute among the inhabitants of the region.

wicked callistus

Callisto is the president of Avalonia (Image: Divulgation/Disney+)

Callisto Mal is the president of Avalonia and also a friend of the Clade family, having gone on expeditions alongside the Jaeger and Searcher. Now, the leader joins the family again to try to save the people of what threatens the pandos.


Curious Splat befriends Ethan (Image: Handout/Disney)

The blue creature Splat becomes Ethan’s best friend, even if his intentions weren’t the best at first. Splat is a fun and entertaining character, even with his odd features and lack of face.


The legend is the family dog ​​(Image: Disclosure/Disney)

Puppy Legend is part of the Clade family, so he too embarks on the adventure into the strange world. The little animal only has three legs, but that doesn’t stop him from having fun during the mission.

Strange world opens Nov. 24 in theaters.

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