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Wales displays rainbow flags in CT in support of LGBTQIA+

The European squad has been looking for an alternative to show support after the FIFA ban, which threatened possible financial and sporting punishment

FIFA has banned European teams from wearing the One Love armband, in support of the LGBTQIA+ cause and threatened possible punishment during the world Cup🇧🇷 However, Wales looked for an alternative to show support and distributed rainbow flags with the Welsh shield in the center at the Training Center in Qatar.

Wales drew with USA in World Cup opener (NICOLAS TUCAT / AFP)

The ban has caused much talk and generated several protests since the start of the World Cup last Sunday. This Wednesday it was Germany’s turn to demonstrate against the entity’s ban. With this, the footballers covered their mouths in the official photo of the selection recorded before the defeat against Japan, on their debut.

It is worth mentioning that ‘One Love’ bracelets have been banned by FIFA, which has threatened to punish athletes using the item in World Cup matches. The purpose of the event is to alert the planet to all forms of love, that there is resistance in the culture of Qatar, host of the World Cup. The country classifies homosexual practice as a crime, punishable by even death in some parts of the country.

Germany, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, England, Wales and Switzerland issued a joint statement informing their leaders of the withdrawal guidance.

– Fifa has made it clear that it will impose sporting penalties if our captains wear the armband on the pitch. As national associations, we cannot put our players in a position where they could face sporting penalties, including yellow cards, so we ask captains not to try to wear armbands during FIFA World Cup matches.

In addition to the yellow cards, football’s governing body also signaled it would punish these teams with fines. Last weekend, some representatives of these federations got in touch with FIFA members, in order to make the situation more flexible, but in vain.

Finally, another point of the World Cup regulations states that no team uniform or equipment may contain political, religious or commercial messages.

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