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Black Friday | Find out how to conquer the customer in the service through WhatsApp

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Research shows that, on average, out of three people who decide to make a purchase, two give up due to a negative customer service experience.

This Friday (25th) will take place one of the main commercial dates of the year: Black Friday 2022. In a competitive event like this, in addition to offering discounts and benefits, the merchant must pay attention to offering a good experience for the consumer. While it is a challenging task, quality service can be the deciding factor in making a purchase.

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According to data from CX Trends 2022, developed by Octadesk in collaboration with Opinion Box, a good experience remains one of the crucial points when it comes to sales conversion. The survey shows that 62% of consumers say they have given up on a purchase due to a negative experience during the process of acquiring a service or product.

To help entrepreneurs improve their customer service this Black Friday, Octadesk has selected ready-made phrases to improve communication channels with customers through Whatsapp and therefore earn more sales.

15 ready-made phrases to improve customer service this Black Friday

Check out 15 ready-to-use phrases with your customers and improve the service through messaging platformsNext;

Messages to sell:

  • [Nome do cliente]this month has free shipping store wide!
  • I have a special x% discount coupon for you today. If you want to have fun, use PARASVOCE!
  • We have some similar products you may like. Want to take a look?

Billing Messages:

  • Hello, [nome do cliente]🇧🇷 I noticed your ticket has already expired. Let’s solve this together, okay? Reply to this message and I’ll send you an updated receipt?
  • Hello, [nome do cliente]🇧🇷 How are you? This message is to remind you that your bill is due in [x dias]🇧🇷 In the meantime, continue to enjoy all the benefits for VIP customers!
  • hey, [nome do cliente]🇧🇷 I noticed your ticket has already expired. What is the best date to make this payment? I hope in your answer!

Messages to connect with the customer:

  • Please! You are not alone, this doubt is very common around here!
  • Good choice. I especially love this product you chose!
  • What’s the weather like there? Here we are all under air conditioning!

Problem understanding message:

  • [Nome do cliente]Please confirm if I understood what you explained. [Conte o mesmo problema do jeito que você entendeu]🇧🇷
  • [Nome do cliente]I want to understand better. I’m going to ask you a few quick questions so I don’t make mistakes in your service, okay?
  • Ok, I understand what happened. Wait a moment and I will find a solution for you.

Thank you messages:

  • You are definitely a 10 customer! Thanks for the suggestion you gave. This will definitely be passed on to our board!
  • Thanks for your feedback. It is very important that you know that we will work on this problem because we want to be better so that you can stay with us!
  • Thanks for choosing [nome da sua empresa]🇧🇷 You are very important to us!

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