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Lula confirms Gleisi out of the future ministry during a meeting with party lawmakers

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The PT president is in transition, but will not have a position in the PT government

BRASÍLIA – President-elect Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva told PT MPs this Thursday 1, during a closed-door meeting, that the deputy and president of the party, Gleisi Hoffmann, should be head of the party, instead of being elected as minister of the future government. Lula said in the assembly that he does not want to “empty” the PT, taking the main cadres to compose the government, which he believes would weaken the party in Congress.

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According to one of the party members, Lula said he could not repeat a past experience that was unsuccessful. The information has been confirmed to Stage by three members of the PT present at the meeting.

Lula and Gleisi left the meeting together, at the Banco do Brasil Cultural Center (CCBB), accompanied by Janja da Silva, future first lady, and former Senator and MP-elect Lindhberg Farias (RJ).

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As he left, Gleisi said that the meeting was “good” and that, just as we were talking with the other parties, it was also necessary to discuss internally with the PT. The parliamentarians present at the meeting praised the party’s national president and Lula’s victory, as well as underlining the importance of building a solid political and social foundation.

Lula’s decision comes at a time when the PT itself and Lula’s allied groups are contending for spaces on the ministerial chessboard. Those who have followed the conversation say that Lula should announce ministers starting next week. He didn’t name names, but he signaled to his close advisors that he has the first echelon in the lead.

The PT will issue a document addressed to Lula with an indication of the folders he wants to occupy. This will be discussed next week and sealed at a meeting of the party’s national leadership on the 8th, to which Lula has been invited. Lula’s signal, according to those present, is that part of his ministry should therefore be announced only afterwards.

Among the ministries that the PT has indicated it wants to command are those of Education, Health, Social Development and Cities. Lula reportedly signaled that the government nucleus – which includes the Treasury and Casa Civile, for example – and social portfolios tend to stay with the party, but always considering the negotiation with the coalition of parties that elected him.

In a joking tone, Lula complained about the requests he received from the other subs. “If it fails, I have to give up my position and also that of Alckmin,” said the president-elect, speaking of how the negotiations with the other groups are proceeding.

The speech was also interpreted in the PT as a way of minimizing expectations about the space that the party will have in government. Lula clarified that the PT will not necessarily take all the files requested.

Gleisi was in charge of listening to the internal demands of the PT and trying to reconcile with the demands of other parties. The agreement stipulates that no names will be formalized for the PT’s “focus areas”, although the party’s most valued affiliates are known.

Gleisi is one of the government transition coordinators and former Minister of the Civil House in the Dilma Rousseff government. He always had the support of Lula to preside over the party, even in the face of resistance from his own group.

as the Stage As can be seen, another coordinator of the transition who could be excluded from the ministry, despite having an influential position in Palazzo Planalto, is the former minister Aloizio Mercadante. Lula, however, did not address his situation during the meeting.

Lula is expected to appoint José Múcio as defense minister next week. The expectation is that it will be made official on Tuesday, the day after the meeting in Brasilia with a high-level political entourage sent by US President Joe Biden.

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