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5 Reasons ‘Avatar 2’ Shouldn’t Win Best Picture Oscar

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We review the reasons why, despite the box office success, ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ should not win the Oscar for best film of the year.

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    That magical date of the year has arrived when we all fight over movies and, precisely for this reason, we are going to try to reason our 5 Reasons ‘Avatar 2’ Shouldn’t Win Best Picture Oscar. We know, we are going to put more bite in the cauldron talking, specifically, about the resounding blockbuster of the year, but if James Cameron is capable of making history using Papyrus as main sourceWhy aren’t we going to be able to talk a little about their embarrassments within the list of nominees for the Oscars 2023?

    A dangerous competition

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    input, ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ does not have it easy if we look at the other nine Oscar-nominated films And, most likely, we would not be talking about it if this year the final cut had not increased to ten productions, among which, curiously, there are some of the best films of 2022.

    Taking a quick look, we come across ‘All Quiet Front’, the French film that has been made with 9 nominations; ‘Almas en tormento de Inisherin’, great winner of the Golden Globes; ‘Elvis’, the colorful homage to the King; ‘Everything at once everywhere’, the internet favorite the first in nominations; ‘The Fabelmans’, Spielberg by Spielberg; ‘TÁR’, Blanchett Territory; ‘The triangle of sadness’, so that Östlund does not cry; and ‘They speak’, Sarah Polley’s blow to the problem of sexual assault.

    The most observant will see that we have left one, but it is that If the Oscars want to celebrate the big party of spectacle cinema, full houses and stars on the big screen, there is another movie that does all of that much better than the sequel to ‘Avatar’ and, what’s more, it’s a sequel too! We are talking, of course, about ‘Top Gun: Maverick’the gift we didn’t know we needed.

      nominative dissonance

      ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ is nominated for four Oscars: Best Visual Effects, Best Sound, Best Production Design, and Best Picture. It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened, but That a movie that isn’t even nominated for best screenplay and best direction turns out to be the best movie of the year is, well, hard to explain..

      This doesn’t make it impossible for James Cameron to end up lifting the statuette, but it certainly puts him at a serious disadvantage. Something like this has not been experienced at the Oscars since ancient times, specifically (be careful, we have had to dig) since in 1932, ‘Gran Hotel’, by Edmund Gouldingwon the best film award without being nominated for best director or best screenplay, awards that went to Frank Borzage for ‘Bad Girl’.

      More event than movie

      Our colleague Álvaro Onieva has already explained why ‘Avatar 2’ is more of an event than a movie and, by the way, why it didn’t matter if it was good or bad.

      “Have you ever talked about ‘Avatar’ in the last five years, aside from the release of ‘Avatar 2’ or the future with ‘Avatar 3’ and other sequels?” These questions from Onieva bring up a strange problem with this tremendous commercial success: popular culture has remained impervious to the Na’vi universe.

      It does not matter that the plot of ‘Avatar’ and ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ is simple, the worrying thing is that it is practically non-existent. His designs, though striking, are nothing more than colorful landscapes that seem created used by an AI that has been given the commands “forest/sea/rocks/screensaver/beautiful”a concoction that runs around animal models that nobody is able to remember.

      “Has anyone ever named it to you as their favorite movie? Have you taken any quizzes on the internet about the universe of the movie, like the ones about which Hogwarts house you belong to?” Not.

      And even so, ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ has once again broken the box office because, as we say, eleven years later they have all gone back to see Cortylandia.

      winslet avatar 2

      It is not good

      At this point we must remember that we are talking about a film and, as critics, we try to be objective with certain elements while being aware that subjective drift is what writes. I mean, there are no good or bad movies.. More talks, hainas.

      “It’s fury, blood, blind revenge and a Western closer to ‘Soldier Bluethan ‘Dancing with Wolves'”, applauded our enjoyment Fausto Fernández in his review of ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’. “Not just an abracadabrant cinema-show. It is the return of a great filmmaker who always insisted on building cathedrals towards perfection”.

      That said, and remembering that we owe it all to James Cameron, the genius who debuted with ‘Terminator’ (1984), gave us the best possible sequel with xenomorphs in ‘Aliens: The Return’ (1986), the warning that the seabed would be his horizon with ‘Abyss’ (1989), the absolutely unbeatable ‘Terminator 2: The Last Judgment’ (1991), the last great action movie of the 80s and 90s with ‘Risk Lies’ (1994) and the unforgettable ‘Titanic’ (1997), The one who signs this article ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ seems like a major hoax.

      Bland, repetitive and tremendously long, it obviates the interesting proposal about the avatars of ‘Avatar’ to reduce the hackneyed conflict of the original to the point of absurdity. So much underwater filming and so much movement capture is useless if, in the end, the public is seeing this production as an animation title with many techniques and little artistic section.

      After repeating to his son not to do something that he is inevitably going to do for the thirty-fourth time, at minute 647 of the film the protagonist finally learns the “sense of water” that gives the film its name: if you have to dive a lot, take more air than usual. Well very good.

      The poster

      You cannot win a movie with a poster that looks like a pirated version of that same movie.

      avatar 2 the sense of water poster

      Source: Fotogramas

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