How to block content on BBB 23 on Facebook

Massively popular subjects like the BBB can end up dominating the entire timeline, right? Find out now how to block all mentions of the BBB on Facebook

The most famous reality show in the country is back and not just on TV: Big Brother Brazil is one of the main topics on social media as well. If you don’t like the program and want to leave your networks free from news, videos, photos and memes related to it, find out now how to block everything related to BBB 23 on Facebook.

How to block BBB content on Facebook

While Facebook doesn’t have a native feature to block words like Twitter, you can “dribble” this in two ways: by blocking pages and posts on Facebook and using the “Spoiler Protection 2.0” extension in the web version of the social network. See how to do it:

  1. Go on Facebook (Facebook. com);
  2. Search for “BBB” to find program-related profiles;
  3. Tap the three dots (ellipses) icon to see more options;
  4. Select “Block Page”;
  5. Then click “Confirm”.

How to block BBB videos and photos on Facebook

  1. Install the Spoiler Protection 2.0 extension (spiderweb) in your browser;
  2. Enter words related to the BBB you want to block;

  3. You can also disable the “Pictures” and “Videos” options;
  4. With everything configured, when searching for BBBs on Facebook, all content will be censored on your timeline.

With these tips, you can block (or at least greatly reduce) mentions of the BBB on your Facebook.

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