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Adam Driver looks unrecognizable in his new role in the movie “Ferrari”: “lost his heart”

Previously, the first images of what Adam Driver looks like as Enzo Ferrari have already been released. However, one more photo was released.

Adam Driver looks unrecognizable in “Ferrari”

Obviously, biopics are the order of the day in the film world. Not only will Michael Jackson’s nephew star in his film, but now businessman Enzo Ferrari will have his own biopic.

The story will be directed by director Michael Mann and although there were several candidates to give life to the Italian motorsport figure (such as Christian Bale or Hugh Jackman), it was Adam Driver who won the role.

In October 2022, the first images of the featured actor were released. In these he looked very different (with white hair and a few extra pounds), as he faces the challenge of playing a 59-year-old man, at 39.

Now one more picture of the actor of this iconic character has come to light. In addition to highlighting gray hair,
The star of ‘El viaje de tu vida’ (which you can also watch for free in Spanish on ViX) also wears a baggy green trench coat, which complements his formal shirt and tie.