5 reasons to watch the detective series “The God Complex”



Enjoy the star duet of Kirill Kyaro and Daniil Strakhov

Kirill Kyaro and Daniil Strakhov, perhaps for the first time, clashed in a dizzying contest. Kyaro is a well-known master of detective roles (“The Sniffer”) in TV series and feature films, while Strakhov (“Major Grom: The Plague Doctor”) most often specializes in dramatic images with subtle psychological elaboration. One of them got the role of a conscientious psychiatrist Alexei, and the second – a successful businessman Vladimir Nesterov, a patient with obsessive thoughts. The Kyaro-Fear tandem makes you empathize with every gesture of their characters.

Learn more about the “God complex” as a psychological phenomenon

“God complex” is a term of analytical psychology, which is characterized by an exaggerated sense of one’s own greatness, perfection and infallibility, a feeling of one’s super-fullness. In short, a person with a “God complex” is sure that he can change the world. Such are the heroes of the series, who think that they can stop the catastrophe with their own hands.

Get acquainted with the work of director Fluza Farkhshatova

Fluza Farshkhatova graduated from VGIK, she is a graduate of the workshop of Igor Maslennikov. Fluza is an experienced director (she made her debut in 2007 with the Atlantis project), her series Son, created jointly with the Russia 1 TV channel, was shown in the competition program of the Pilot film festival. In the new series “God Complex”, she plunges the viewer into the world of vice, deceit and lies, which sometimes seems completely hopeless.

Unravel the detective tangle

Detective stories are a favorite theme of many series. Mysterious murders and investigations – all this attracts the attention of the public. In The God Complex, the characters are drawn into a labyrinth of subliminal tricks, police interrogations, and conjectures that seem obvious yet shockingly unpredictable. After a session with Vladimir, Alexei learns about the disappearances of the girls and realizes that he cannot keep a medical secret.

Immerse yourself in a world full of passions on the verge of cold calculation and insanity

Each private dreams of becoming a general, while the audience – from series to series, wants to momentarily forget about their own troubles at work and not only. The exciting world of the game series is the best way to distract yourself and pass the long February evenings.

Source: Hellomagazine