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‘The snow girl’: Javier Castillo makes a cameo in the series based on his novel

The author of the story on which the series is based makes a brief appearance, as if he were another character. Have you noticed?

    It has become the most watched fiction in our country and the second worldwide on Netflix. ‘The Snow Girl’ has conquered everyone with the case of Amaya Martín, the little girl on whom the whole plot that was born from the pen of Xavier Castillo. The author of the novel has been involved in the process to such an extent that makes a cameo in what is already for many one of the most addictive series of the moment. It is not strange that when a book is brought to the screen, its creator appears. Elísabet Benavent also appeared in one of the episodes of ‘Valeria’.


    the snow girl



    In ‘The Snow Girl’ we have to wait for the last chapter of this first installment to see for a few seconds Xavier Castillo. It is about the moment when Look Red (Milena Smith) he is presenting the novel that bears that title and the writer approaches, with his daughter in his arms, for the journalist to sign the work. “I loved it. It moved me a lot,” he tells the protagonist of her own story. If you didn’t notice, here is the capture of that moment.

    scene of the protagonist with javier castillo

    Right after, Miren receives an envelope with a photo of a girl tied up. She will be the reason for her sleeplessness in the season 2 of ‘The snow girl’, not yet confirmed by the platform, but we are sure that it will be a reality. What’s more, Javier Castillo himself has just announced that he is working on the third part, so we would have a saga for a while.

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