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Adele, Elton John & More: Which Singers Turned Down Singing at King Charles III’s Coronation?

Coronation of King Charles III faces a “crisis” after top artists turn down invitations to perform at the event

Set to be less extravagant than his mother’s ceremony 70 years ago, in a reflection of the cost of living crisis many Britons are facing, the coronation of King Charles III faces a “crisis” after top British artists declined invitations to perform. present at the event.

names like Elton John, Harry Styles and the girl group Spice Girls were invited, but will not be able to participate in the coronation. Already Ed Sheeran, Adele It is Robbie Williams refused invitations without giving further explanations to Buckingham Palace, as found by the British newspaper The Sun.

The biggest challenge is the artists’ schedule. Elton Johnseen as one of Charles’s priorities for the show, and Harry Styles, one of the biggest stars in pop right now, are on tour and full of commitments. The group Spice Girls and the singer Ed Sheeran They also have a full schedule.

Already Adele said “no” to the event without giving explanations. According to OK! Magazinethe singer declined the invitation without offering a justification – she has no performance scheduled for the date and her next show would only be on May 25, more than two weeks after the coronation.

So far, according to the tabloid, the main confirmed attractions are Olly Mursthe group take thatwithout Robbie Williamsand the American Lionel Richie. the australian kylie It is Dannii Minogue and the composer Andrew Lloyd Webber must also participate in the show.

The coronation will take place over three days of celebration, starting on Saturday, May 6th, and will include, in addition to the festival, a “Grand Luncheon of the Coronation”, the “Concert of the Coronation”, the traditional coronation mass, processions, concerts of lights and drones and attractions across the UK, plus an extra holiday Monday.

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