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Snoop Dogg turned down $2 million fee for Michael Jordan’s party

Rapper Snoop Dogg declared himself a Michael Jordan fan, but declined a millionaire invitation

Snoop Dogg rejected an offer of US$ 2 million to play as a DJ at a Michael Jordan, former basketball player and businessman. Rapper made the revelation in an interview on the podcast impulsive (via NME).

Snoop did not explain reasons that led him to refuse millionaire proposal Jordan. “One of the craziest deals I turned down was a $2 million invitation to DJ at a party. Jordan. I refused.”

“I was doing some other shit. I had shit to do and lots of other clients,” added the musician.

Asked about meetings with the star of NBArapper revealed not to know Michael personally, although admiring him: “I want to meet him as one. ‘Mike, I love you, I’m a big fan. You are one of the greatest.'”

Snoop Dogg in the metaverse

A famous cryptocurrency investor known as “P-Ape” paid the amount of R$ 2.5 million to be a neighbor of Snoop Dogg in the metaverse The Sandboxa virtual universe with its own cryptocurrency in which it is possible to buy land and create items.

As reported on the website of Examthe investor spent 71 thousand units of SAND, the game’s cryptocurrency, to buy the land “Wave 1 – 3 × 3 Estate S [12, -75]”, alongside the rapper. After partnering with the metaverse, the musician purchased a set of land known as the Snoopverse.

Source: Rollingstone

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