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Adele asks fans to ‘stop throwing’ objects at artists on stage

In recent weeks, several artists began to be the targets of the most varied objects at the shows – and Adele rejected the idea

In recent weeks, several musicians made headlines when they were targets of various objects thrown on stage by the public, such as Lil Nas X, P!nk It is Baby Rexha. now the singer Adele asked fans to “stop playing” these things.

During show at Caesar’s Palacein Las Vegas, according to information from the NME, Adele went to shoot T-shirts with his own gun and took the opportunity to warn. “Have you noticed how people are, like, forgetting f***ing show etiquette right now, throwing shit on stage? Have you seen that?”, said the artist.

I will dare you to throw something at me and I will kill you. Stop throwing things at the artist!

— PopCrave (@PopCrave) July 4, 2023

Source: Rollingstone