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Noel Gallagher blasts Adele songs: ‘It’s fucking awful’

In addition to criticizing Adele’s songs, Noel Gallagher compared them to Cilla Black

Former member of Oasis, Noel Gallagher revealed how he hates all songs from Adeleowner of hits like “Set Fire to the Rain,” “easy on me” It is “Rolling in the Deep.” The singer compared her to Cilla Black and called their songs “awful” and “s***.”

During an interview with the podcast presented by Matt Morgan (via NME), Gallagher was asked if he is a fan of Adele’s successful career, with several songs that reached the top of the music charts.

Fuck you, fucking hell. name one [música]? They suck. It’s fucking awful. It’s the f*** Cilla Black. I find all of this offensive.

Noel Gallagher says he ‘forgot’ how to write for Oasis

In an interview with Dave FanningNoel Gallagher reflected on a possible return of the Oasis and about composing new tracks.

“I had forgotten how to write for Oasis. I felt very constrained by the parameters of stadium rock, and that ran its course. The band is still playing monster shows, but I realized we were doing the same 12 songs for 20 years with some new ones added, and it was the same as the first two albums,” he revealed.

He then discussed how the breakup of the band led to a creative rebirth as a songwriter: “As a writer, I died, really. And I’m reborn when I now write at my own pace and can write whatever I want. But I’m five times more a songwriter than I was. That’s when I left the band, you know, and I think if we were still together and putting out albums, it would be terrible.”

Then the artist spoke about the possibility of a reunion with his brother, Liam, and explained that, for him, the reunion would not be worth it:

As funny as it sounds, Oasis sells as many records now a year as they did when we were together. We’re just as popular now in people’s eyes as we’ve ever been. And I’m happy about it. If we went back, it would be a circus – and it’s no use. Just leave it as it is. I’m happy. He’s doing his thing.

Source: Rollingstone