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Miley Cyrus wrote “Used to be Young” thinking about Adele

Adele Declares She’s “Obsessed” With Miley Cyrus’ New Song

Miley Cyrus revealed on Twitter that he wrote “Used to be Young” thinking of Adele: “These lyrics were written almost 2 years ago, at the beginning of my ESV. It was a time when I felt misunderstood. I have spent the last 18 months painting a sound picture from my perspective to share with you.”

The revelation came after Adele declared at a performance in Las Vegas that she was “obsessed with the new music of Miley Cyrus“. miley then shared footage on Twitter with the caption:

“I thought of you many times while writing this song – I always hoped you would love it. It means a lot to me. I love you. Mission Accomplished.”

Source: Rollingstone