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Marina Lima and Fernanda Abreu kiss during a show at the Coala festival; watch the video

The artists exchange kisses while singing ‘Even Que Sei Eu’, a song by Erasmo Carlos covered by Marina in the 80s

OR Koala Festival, which took place last weekend at the Memorial da América Latina, in Sao Paulo, featured several encounters between artists on stage. Among these, one of the attractions was the joint show of the Cariocas Marina Lima AND Fernanda Abreulast Sunday, 5pm.

The artists put on a powerful show, singing both singers’ hits. Also, at one point, Marina and Fernanda kissed on stage.

The scene happened during Even if it’s me, song originally published by Erasmo Carlos. In a famous re-recording by Marina Lima, made in 1984, the lyrics acquired new meanings. This game reappeared on the festival stage, with the singers’ meeting.

“You need a man you can call your own,” Marina and Fernanda sang, exchanging caresses. “Even if it’s me.” Watch the moment:

Source: Terra

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