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The list of the 50 greatest South American rock albums in history includes 9 Brazilians; see which ones

The ‘Rolling Stone’ selection includes Raul Seixas, Rita Lee and Milton Nascimento; In first place the Mexican group

As is customary, the Rolling Stone made a list of the greatest albums of rock Of all times. This Monday 18th, however, the magazine dedicated itself to making a South American selection for what it defined as a synthesis of the “rock and roll sounds of Latin America in its most ambitious and transcendent aspect”.

The publication was dedicated to the list of albums published from the 1960s onwards: of the 50 selected, 9 are by Brazilian authors.

First place, however, went to the Mexican group Tacvba Café per album Ref1994.”Ref proved, beyond any reasonable doubt, that the music imagined by young Latino musicians in the imperialist context of rock’n’roll could be as original and revelatory as anything in the world. Radiohead or the The fight“, the magazine said about the album, to which it was compared White albumof the Beatles“for a good reason.”

Even though we are not at the top of the list, there are Brazilians who occupy the top 5. Raúl Seixas THE Rita Lee AND Milton Nascimentosee, in ascending order, the 9 Brazilian albums selected as the best rock albums of all time.

43 – Raúl Seixas, Krig-ha Bandolo! (1973)

Raul Seixas is the first Brazilian to appear in the senior national team Krig-ha Bandolo!, from 1973, an album that occupies 43rd place in the rankings. The magazine called the album’s title “intriguing” and the songs “equally crazy”, noting Only flaw, Walking metamorphosis AND Fool’s gold.

“Seixas died in 1989, at age 44, but his irrepressible spirit lives on,” Rolling Stone wrote.

41 – Rita Lee and Tutti Frutti, Forbidden fruit (1975)

Shortly after Raul, Rita Lee appears with the band Tutti Frutti For Forbidden fruitof 1975. The publication focuses on This Roque Enrow AND Black sheep to say that “this self-proclaimed black sheep found redemption in music until the end”, referring to Rita.

The description also comments on the post-Mutants of the singer in the ’70s. “Rita Lee spent much of the ’70s raising the musical throne on which she was rightfully anointed queen of Brazilian rock,” he says.

34 – The Blade Guards of Success, Wild? (1986)

You Paralamas do Success appearing at #34 with the album Wild?released a year after the band’s participation in the first edition of Rock in Rio. A Rolling Stone he describes the work as “his boldest and most cheerful party album” and praises Paralamas’ trademark reggae-rock.

Among the highlighted songs are floodedopening track created in collaboration with Gilberto Gil, Sailor’s apple tree and the cover of YouIn Tim Maia.

29 – Los Hermanos, Ventura (2003)

“You haven’t really lived until you’ve watched the video Youtube of a marriage proposal from “Brazilian lovebirds” at music shows Los Hermanos While The ultimate love story play,” the magazine begins. Rolling Stone mentions it Ventura It was already voted the “best Brazilian album of all time” by a radio poll in 2012, which he says is “an exaggeration, perhaps”, but highlights the “emotional connection” created by the album’s songs.

21 – Tribalists, Tribalists (2002)

The publication highlights this Tribalists may “not be a rock album in the most conventional sense of the word”, but it describes the Tribalists as “the greatest Brazilian supergroup of all time”. The description highlights the work of Marisa Monte, Carlinhos Brown AND Arnaldo Antuneswhich, second Rolling Stonethere are three “full stars”.

“From the lively electronic rhythm of the mega hit I already know how to date to the barely whispered Christmas ballad Mary Christthe beauty of this set of songs is disarming – and magical,” he writes.

19 – Roberto Carlos, In the rhythm of adventure (1967)

The list praises the “rock and roll era” of Roberto Carlos and highlights him as the leader of the young guard. According to the publication, In the rhythm of adventureof 1967, is “the South American response to Helpby the Beatles” and one of the first albums to show “the limitless potential of Brazilian rock”.

Among the songs, Rolling Stone focus on That’s why I run too much, I’m terrible AND How great is my love for you.

17 – Karnak, Karnak (1995)

The magazine calls Karnak, 1995, for “the most criminally underrated album in Latin music.” Driven by Andre Abujamrathe band is praised for combining different rhythms and production of their shows.

“He [André Abujamra] he recruited a moving orchestra, as well as two actors and a dog who sat calmly on stage during the performances. […] A quixotic and supernatural master, Abujamra was painfully ahead of his time,” defines the publication, which highlights the song Eating grapes in the rain.

6 – The Mutants, The mutants (1968)

Rita Lee appears on the list again, but this time in her time with Os Mutantes. The album that bears the group’s name occupies 6th place, with the magazine highlighting the psychedelia of the album and stating that the trio formed by Rita, Sergio Dias AND Arnaldo Battista he created a “delirious sonic wonderland”.

“In the iconic opening track Panis et Circenses – written by Caetano Veloso and none other than Gilberto Gil – hippie chants collide with sweet recorder, eccentric percussion and a distorted Strauss waltz playing on the radio,” describes the publication, which also praises The clock.

4 – Milton Nascimento, Clube da Esquina (1972)

Milton Nascimento occupies the highest Brazilian position on the list and reaches the top 5 with Clube da Esquinaof 1972. The magazine celebrates Milton’s meeting, The Borges and other great composers, who gave the album its name.

The songs on the album, according to the description, are composed of “powerful images”. Among the songs most praised by Rolling StoneI am The blue train AND A sunflower the color of your hair, both written by Lô Borges. “More than a concept album, Clube da Esquina It feels like a religious experience,” he writes.

*Intern under the supervision of Charlise de Morais

Source: Terra

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