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Eternal: Meeting is canceled after disagreements about the trans community

Girl group Eternal withdrew from reunion after half declared support for the trans community

The R&B girl group Eternal withdrew from a new meeting because of differences of opinion on the rights of transgender people, according to the DailyMail (via The Guardian). Second representative of Louise Redknappthe singer decided not to join the rest of the band because she does not agree with the values ​​defended by the sisters Easter It is Vernie Bennett.

“The team that was organizing the meeting Eternal received a message saying that if they were going to proceed, Vernie It is Easter wouldn’t perform at Pride Day shows or LGBTQ+ festivals,” Simon Jonespublicist for Redknapprevealed to BBC. “The sisters felt that the gay community has been overshadowed by the trans community and they do not support that.”

Louise is a great supporter and ally of the LGBTQ+ community, and both she and Kéllé Bryan The sisters were told they would not work with anyone who holds these views. Therefore, the girl group reunion will not proceed. The team behind the meeting proposal Eternal is gay, including management, PR and the tour promoter, and neither I nor anyone on the team would work with artists with these views on the trans community.”

While Redknapp published a photo of the trans flag included in the Pride flag, accompanied by the caption “Always & Forever” — the name of the band’s debut album Eternal —, Bryan stated: “The relationship with our fans and the joy of celebrating our success was, and still is, our motivation. My stance and loyalty has always been that I support inclusion and equality for all.”

The group’s last meeting took place in 2014, on the reality show The Big Reunionbut Louise did not return to the band.

Source: Rollingstone