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Caetano Veloso and other celebrities pay tribute to Gal Costa on the singer’s birthday

Gal Costa would have turned 78 this Tuesday

Caetano Veloso published an old photo next to Gal Costa and text to honor the singer on her birthday. Read:

Gal was a sweet and shy teenager. She understood João Gilberto alone on Rua Rio de São Pedro, in Graça. She became the most beautiful descendant of Bossa Nova. Co-creator of tropicália, she climbed the sandy hill of Ipanema with the most beautiful clothes imaginable and an indigenous basket that was tied to her forehead and hung down her back. His vocal delivery enchanted João and Jobim. Her body is no longer with us. What beauty she gave us will not leave us.

Gal forever! ❤️👈🏼

Milton Nascimento, Djavan It is Teresa Cristina They also talked about the artist, who would be turning 78 years old. Check out publications:

Gal He died at the age of 77 in November 2022, as a result of an acute myocardial infarction. Since then, a series of alleged abuses by the widow Wilma Petrillo against the singer has been revealed.

The owner of the hit “Baby” shares her birthday with Marina Senawho was one of several artists who paid tribute to Gal Costa.One of the most recent is in the account of Filipe Cattowho released the album Beauties Are Things Ignited Inside:

Source: Rollingstone