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In a retrowave key, DFONNSO announces the romantic ‘Da Boca pra Fora’

One of the biggest bets of the new pop generation, the singer-songwriter DFONNSO will launch this Tuesday (28th) the romantic From the inside outa footprint retrowaveinspired by 80s. The song will also get audiovisual recording on Youtubedirected by The Santos messwhere the singer plays with the play of shadows and lights, in an intimate setting.

Composed of Daniel Ferreira, Guga Fernandes, Lucas Vaz AND Tie Castro and produced by Wagner Dereckthe song is about a non-reciprocal love.

“A love that is pushed into the belly by the partner. The message we send is that everything has limits and that the heart doesn’t wait forever. Emotional responsibility is very important in any type of relationship and I have already experienced this first hand “explains the artist.

And it continues like this: “It’s a song that has to do with my story, which has already happened in my life (in another way, but it happened) so there is this identification with it. It was a true story where they both pushed with their belly but I only got it right after blaming myself a lot, alone.”

Source: Terra

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