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Discover the biography of Raul Seixas


Today you will walk through the biography of Raul Seixas and discover the story of one of the greatest icons of Brazilian rock! In 26 years of career, Raul Seixas has released 17 albums, marked by great successes of national music. In addition to rock, he has played baião, caipira, samba, soul, country … And, to this day, he plays in the depths of his soul. […] The biography of the post Meet Raul Seixas first appeared on Cifra Club.

Today you will walk through the biography of Raul Seixas and discover the story of one of the greatest icons of Brazilian rock!

In 26 years of career, Raul Seixas has released 17 albums, marked by great successes of national music. In addition to rock, he played baião, caipira, sambasoul, country … And, even today, it touches the soul of the listener.

Turns 78, there are still those who think that Raul belonged to aa subway, alternative. However, as an alternative, only the company. He appeared in Chacrinha, was in a soap opera soundtrack and was, in fact, loved by the general public! Come to understand why by following this text.

The crazy and beautiful life of Raul Seixas

Get ready, then, to see how the sensational success of Maluco Beleza’s career came about. From the beginning in music as a child to moments of glory as a composer and sad death, we will approach everything that is most relevant in the biography of Raul Seixas. Watch!

Childhood in Bahia and rock’n’roll

Raul Seixas was born in Salvador on June 28, 1945, inheriting the name of his father and his paternal grandfather. And he wasn’t an easy kid. He thought the only thing he had learned in school was how to hate her.

Our Raulzito has failed school three times! He preferred to stay at the Cantinho da Música shop, where he skipped classes listening to LPs from the then newborn rock and roll.

Books were another passion. He delved into his father’s vast library, full of literary classics. He even wanted to become a writer, like fellow countryman Jorge Amado.

Raul loved to write short stories, poems and comics. He spent his afternoons recalling his fairy tales for his younger brother, Plínio, in his bedroom.

At the age of 15 he founded “rock” with his friend Waldir Serrão styleElvis Rock Clubin 1959.

Raulzito and the panthers

At the turn of the decade, the first bands arrived: Relâmpagos do Rock, then changed to The Panthers and then Raulzito and the panthers.

It was for the Panthers that Raul abandoned his studies and went to Rio de Janeiro, at the invitation of his friend Jerry Adriani. Raul had just passed the entrance exam for Law, Psychology and Philosophy, but his love for music spoke louder.

It was 1967, the year of the Beatles’ release Sergeant Peperoni Lonely Heart’s Club Bandhit album he had Lucy in the sky with diamonds. This Liverpool quartet classic has transformed You can still dreamat the premiere of Raulzito and the Panthers.

But it didn’t work out, the band broke up and the career was booming. It was at that moment that Raul came to “starve to death in the marvelous city”.

Raul Seixas music producer

At the invitation of a director of the CBS discs whom he had met in Bahia, Maluco Beleza held the position of music producer for the label in 1969. Raul was a great partner of CBS artists during that time.

Before fly in the soup and other classics, he produced and composed hits for major Brazilian music artists, such as Ed Wilson, Renato and Seus Blue Caps, Odair José, Diana and Jerry Adriani.

the icon Young guardeven, he gave precious touches to the communication of the Bahian, who, in his time, made some very “hermetic” songs, according to Jerry.

10 o’clock session

In his stage as a music producer for CBS, Raul brought together, in 1971, one of the biggest crazy companies that Brazilian music has ever heard of. Together with Sérgio Sampaio, Edy Star and Miriam Batucada, he launched The Society Of The Kavernist Grand Order presents session 10.

Legend has it that the album was made secretly while the label’s director was away. This myth is anchored in the fact that the job was not something that the heads of a record factory would like.

Inspired by Frank Zappa and concept albums, 10 o’clock session brings subversive collages and vignettes between even more experimental songs. It wasn’t successful, but it transformed cult.

International Song Festival

The following year, Raul will produce Sérgio Sampaio’s first album. The singer of Espírito Santo was the one who convinced Raulzito to participate in the International Song Festival that year. It was when Sérgio himself achieved success I want to put my block on the street.

Raul performed two songs at the event: Let me sing, let me sing (played by him) e I am me, Nicuri is the devil (presented by Lena Rios & Os Lobos). With both of them arriving at the final of the competition, Raul ended up being hired by the label Phillips.

Paulo Coelho and the beginning of his solo career

At the same time, Raul would be delighted with an article about extraterrestrials, published in the magazine The Dove. He searched for the author and met future friend and musical partner Paulo Coelho.

The golden phase of Raul Seixas’ biography was about to begin. His first four solo albums aren’t just classics National rock from the 70sbut immortal masterpieces of Brazilian music. Krig-Ha, Bandolo (1973), Trip (1974), New Aeon (1975) and 10 thousand years ago (1976).

the first album

Named after Tarzan’s battle cry, which means “be careful, I kill”, Krig-Ha, Bandolo it opens with a teenage Raul singing Good rock music tonightby Elvis.

Then bring hymns like fly in the soup, The fool’s gold And Walking metamorphosis. The last one, says another legend, would have been written by Raul when he was 12 years old.

At the disc launch exhibition, the comic-manifesto The Krig-Ha Foundation it was kidnapped and burned by agents of the military dictatorship. That is why, since then, Raul and Paulo Coelho have started to be monitored by the Department of Political and Social Order (DOPS).

The alternative society

Things got worse with the announcement of the Alternative company. The concept was based on Thelema’s lawdisplayed in Book of the law, by the English magician Aleister Crowley. Mottos like “do what you want, because it’s all the law” and “every man and woman is a star” came from there.

The Alternative Society almost had a headquarters. It was a piece of land in Minas Gerais, which would be called Cidade das Estrelas.

prison and exile

With ideas of freedom in the midst of an authoritarian regime, Raul Seixas and Paulo Coelho ended up in prison and tortured. The pretext was the collaborations of the duo, recorded on the album Krig-Ha, Bandolowhich had already sold over 100,000 copies.

After the exile in the United States (where Raul allegedly met John Lennon), the duo returned to Brazil to release the album. Trip. or blow Alternative company was there, next to the title track, with lyrics based on Bagavadeguity, a classic Hindu religious text, from the 4th century BC

Gita, New Aeon, 10,000 years ago

they are also part of it Trip fear of rain, SOS, the 7 o’clock train And The adventures of Raul Seixas in the city of Thor. No wonder the production has been certified gold!

Immediately after, New Aeon arrived in stores in 1975. Despite having immortal successes, like Try again, Devil’s Rock, The Apple And You are the MDC of my lifethe record didn’t sell much.

Popularity returned with the following work. 10 thousand years ago hit the charts I was born 10 thousand years ago, my friend Pietro And I’ll complain too.

New ways

From that moment on, the collaboration with Paulo Coelho would have cooled down a bit. Collaborations between the two would be increasingly rare.

on disk The day the Earth stopped (1977), the first for the WEA label, Raul introduces a new colleague: the composer Cláudio Roberto. It is the most sung song by Raul to date: crazy beauty.

At that moment, the problems with alcohol began to get more serious, causing Raulzito to lose a third of his pancreas!

the 80s

In 1980, having already returned to CBS, he launched Raul open Sesame. on the disk, strokes how to rent And Rock Das Aranha.

Even with a few releases, Raul’s success is unmatched. In 1982, more than 150,000 people attended his show in Praia do Gonzaga, Santos.

In the same year, a story worthy of Raul: drunk and undocumented, he was not recognized in one of his concerts in the great San Paolo. So, accused of being an impostor, he ended up in prison!

In 1983, Raul became the crazy printer and conquered the children of Brazil, in the TV Globo special Plunct, Plact, Zuuum.

Raul in ostracism

We the 80s, with alcoholism and diabetes, Raul’s health deteriorated. Unstable records, criticized shows, few hits …

In 1987 he participated in an album by Camisa de Vênus, approaching the singer and songwriter Marcelo Nova. The following year, Raul’s last solo album, The Stone of GenesisIt was released.

In 1988 he took the stage for the first time after three years without concerts, for presentations in Salvador, alongside Marcelo Nova. The partnership has expanded to a 50-show tour in Brazil.

The death of Raul Seixas

The compositions of the two Bahians, among them the success carpenter of the universeare registered in the album The devil’s pot (1989), published the day after Raul’s death. The LP sold 150,000 copies, earning a posthumous gold record.

On August 21, 1989, he was found dead at home, a victim of cardiac arrest as a result of acute pancreatitis.

Threats of theft of his body and his tombstone marked the entire wake, which took place in Anhembi (SP).

Since then, idolatry has only increased. We have even lost track of Raul’s dimensions, as happens with the great legends of our history.

Raul Seixas’ biography is as incredible as his music! How about sharing this article with other raulseixists, while enjoying Maluco Beleza’s classics? Even if you play too, what do you say learn the best songs of Raul Seixas on guitar?

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