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memes reflect formation of the triple wall

Big Brother Brazil

BBB 24: find out who should be the seventh eliminated on the wall!

Yasmin Brunet received 16 'snakes' on BBB 24

Big Brother Brazil

Yasmin Brunet leads the ranking of ‘snakes’ on BBB 24

Soon after the formation of the wall, the BBB 24 became one of the most talked about topics on social media. Thus, the events during the voting and what to expect from the result have been exciting fans and generating fun memes. He has David It is Isabelle uniting to eliminate, Wanessa Camargo targeting the public and various jokes. Check out some of them!


This Monday morning (12), the summary of the BBB 24 arrives with the details of yet another wall formation. While Michelthe Angel of the week, immunized Giovannathe leader Lucas Henrique confirmed the expectation and indicated David to the hot seat. However, what really caught our attention was the dynamics of the week. This is because the four most voted by the house would be walled.

That way, Fernanda he received ten votes and secured his place. Soon after, Marcus Vinicius he took six and also went for the wall. To close, Wanessa Camargo, who only had one vote, also put his name in the spotlight. But only three players were voted. Therefore, the Leader Lucas Henrique The vote had to be broken between all the brothers, as they were tied with zero votes.

That said, Lucas Henrique indicated Isabelle to complete the spotlight and even had the right to save one of the four walled up in the house. So he chose Wanessa Camargo and freed her from the hot seat. Speaking of the Round Trip Test, Fernanda got the best and was lucky to beat Isabelle and Marcus Viniciuswho joined David on this week’s wall. The elimination takes place this Tuesday (13).

In addition to the details of the formation of another wall, the summary of the BBB 24 details everything that happened to David. In the early hours of last Sunday (11), the app driver showed great mental exhaustion and stated that he would press the quit button. In conversation with Isabellehe regretted that people see him negatively inside the house.

Source: Atrevida

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