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Jon Jones opens up about possible fight at UFC 300


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Still recovering from a serious injury, Jon Jones opened up about returning to the octagon in the coming months. Thus, in an interview with the “Submission Radio” program, he revealed that he received an invitation to fight in the UFC 300, which is scheduled for April. However, the fighter denied that he is able to take action due to a ruptured pectoral tendon.

I got a call from Hunter Campbell, and he said, ‘Jon, I know it’s only nine weeks away, but if there’s any chance, if you’re feeling well, it would be amazing news for the community for you to come back and headline one of the biggest events. of all time’. As honored as I am for this opportunity, I don’t think I’ll be ready. I am not going“, he stated Jon Jones during the interview.

I’m getting older and I only have a few events left, and I want to give it my all and make sure I come back 100%. I’m really going to build on if I continue (fighting) from my fight against Stipe [Miocic], how do I heal from this injury. I could end Stipe or it could be an all-out war. And I feel like I need to take it one step at a time before I see what I’ll do next“, projected the fighter.


After postponing the main fight that would take place on UFC 295, Dana White stated that he will hold the meeting between Jon Jones It is Stipe Miocic. The duel between them was scheduled for November 11th, but the current heavyweight champion suffered a serious injury. Thus, the president of the UFC decided to remove Miocic from the card and schedule the fight for another date. However, the fans’ desire is different.

Aspinall could fight again. I don’t know. We’ll see how this plays out next year, but Jones and Miocic (will face each other), they both deserve it. Jon Jones got hurt. There’s nothing he can do about it. We’ll see what happens in 2024. If Aspinall wants to fight before that fight, why not? Why not let him defend (the interim title)?“, he asked Dana White.

Source: Atrevida

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