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Police investigate the “open beck” promoted by rapper Filipe Ret

Images from the singer’s birthday party show a bucket of marijuana cigarettes

The Rio de Janeiro Narcotic Police Department (DRE) reported Thursday that it had opened an investigation to investigate the birthday party promoted by rapper Filipe Ret, which took place on June 22. Images circulating on social media show that the rapper was holding a bucket of marijuana.

On the Internet, the party has been dubbed “open beck”, in an allusion to parties where food or drink is distributed freely. Ret’s guests included former player Ronaldo Fenôinò, surfers Pedro Scooby and Ítalo Ferreira, and PK Delas singers, Mc Maneirinho, among others.

The singer’s advice was sought and she preferred not to comment on the police investigation. But the criminal lawyer Henrique Cataldi, supported by Landhe believes that the fact that Ret has distributed the cigarettes, and has not sold them, does not exempt him from the crime of trafficking.

“Even the act of delivering drugs for consumption, even if free of charge, is considered a crime of trafficking”, explains the lawyer.

If the crime of drug trafficking is proven, Cataldi reiterates that Ret could be punished, since the use of marijuana is still illegal in Brazil, although there are bills discussing the decriminalization of the plant.

“He can be held responsible for the induction, assistance and supply of drugs, including non-profit, to the person of his relative, for joint consumption, as provided for in paragraphs 2 and 3 of article 33 of the drug law, with lighter penalties, of from 1 to 3 months of imprisonment for the first case, and from 6 months to 1 year of imprisonment for the second, or even the envisaged penalty of from 5 to 15 years of imprisonment and payment of the fine, provided for by ‘article 33 of law 11.343 / 2006 ”, adds the expert.

Cataldi also recalls that the dissemination of drug-related content can be framed as an excuse for the use of drugs, which entails a sentence of between one and three years of imprisonment.

* With editing by Estela Marques.

Source: Terra

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