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The Argentine goes to Rio for Madonna’s show and promises to mark a moment: ‘I’ll get a tattoo’

Stylist who has followed the singer since she was a child ‘camped’ outside the Copacabana Palace to see her from the window


Argentine fans came to Brazil for the queen of pop’s show. This is the third time he has attended a performance by the singer, who has been present in his life since he was a child. Madonna sings on Saturday 4th on Copacabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro, in front of 1.5 million people.

Dealing with parental separation is not easy. Even more so when you are a child discovering their emotions. Between comings and goings at his mother and father’s house, the little one Cristiano Montoya discovered the secret to not feeling alone: ​​listening Madonna. Even without knowing her lyrics, the queen of pop’s art touched her heart. Today, at 37, the Argentine continues to love the artist. She has decided to leave Buenos Aires to attend the show that will take place on Saturday the 4th on Copacabana beach.

Under a ‘scorching’ 31ºC sun in broad daylight, Montoya remained almost immobile and wore sunglasses to better see the balcony of the Copacabana Palace, where the singer is staying. However, neither the heat nor the uncertainty of Madonna’s appearance took the smile off the Argentine’s face. After having traveled 3,000 kilometers to observe the queen of pop up close, any effort seems to be minimal.

The fan, who works as a stylist in Argentina’s capital, says he didn’t think twice before booking plane tickets to experience this unique moment. “I’m here because, really, what Madonna did by coming to Rio to give everyone this great show, for free, does nothing but generate love and the desire to follow her, to accompany her”, she gets emotional.

The love that surpasses translation

Montoya has no doubt that continuing to follow Madonna is one of the greatest certainties of his life. After all, it was the singer who became the perfect soundtrack to her lonely moments. As a Spanish-speaking child, however, it was impossible to understand the lyrics she sang, all in English.

“I always listened to the songs and it was like a comfort, even though I didn’t know English. I was very little and I didn’t even know what he sang, but that was my ‘placebo,'” he recalled. When he learned to translate the songs, everything made sense in little Montoya’s head. As Madonna herself sings in her hit song Like a prayerit almost sounded like a prayer to him.

“When I discovered that I knew how to translate from English to Spanish, I listened to her lyrics, read and understood the love she conveyed and what she taught us to live, to feel. Madonna taught me that what you feel cannot be hidden,” says the Argentine.

Madonna fan leaves 48-hour shift to try to see singer at hotel: ‘She hasn’t shown up so far’:

    Madonna fan leaves 48-hour shift to try to see singer at hotel:

    Madonna fan leaves 48-hour shift to try to see singer at hotel: ‘So far she hasn’t shown up’


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    Madonna in Copacabana: stage and catwalk for the singer's show set up at RJ

    Madonna in Copacabana: stage and catwalk for the singer’s show set up at RJ

Loyal follower of the queen of pop

Although he is excited for the historic show on Copacabana Beach, Montoya says he has already seen the singer’s other performances. “Here I am for the third time at one of his fashion shows. I’ve already been there Sticky and sweet tour in 2008, in Buenos Aires, twice,” he admitted.

The tour in question was done to promote the album Candy and arrived in Brazil in December of the same year. In Sao Paulo, the queen of pop sang in front of a sea of ​​people at the Morumbi Stadium. In Rio de Janeiro, the show took place in the traditional Maracanã.

While the Argentine has already had the opportunity to see the singer three times, other people who have “camped” in front of the Copacabana Palace have never had the opportunity to get close to Madonna. Some have even reported to the Earth that the problem was never the desire, but rather the lack of money to pay for the expensive tickets.

Happy to be able to accompany the queen of pop in each new ‘era’, Montoya does not intend to stop making an effort to be present at her shows. “As much as I can, I will continue with her because I love her. Madonna, I love you!”, he declared.

Madonna in Copacabana: stage and catwalk for the singer’s show are set up in RJ:

However, the experience in the wonderful city seems to be different. The Argentine says he has already decided how to imprint on his skin the emotion he is sure he will feel next Saturday: “After this show I will get a tattoo of Madonna and Rio, with a heart in the middle (laughs)).

Historical show

Our Lady closes The celebration tour on Copacabana beach, in Rio de Janeiro, next Saturday, 4. The historic show promises to bring together 1.5 million people in the tourist resort of the capital of Rio de Janeiro to honor the artist. The free performance comes 12 years after Madonna last sang on Brazilian soil.

The stage set up in front of the Copacabana Palace is a superstructure that reaches up to Praia do Leme, with huge LED screens so that the public can follow the show from any point on the sand.

The inauguration of the event is scheduled for 7pm, with performances by DJs such as North American Diplo. The Madonna crosses the walkway set up to connect the hotel to the stage at 9.45pm. This is the fourth time the queen of pop has performed in Brazil.

Madonna: here are the singer's 6 children
Madonna: here are the singer’s 6 children

Source: Terra

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