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Madonna show: everything you need to know about the queen of pop’s performance in Rio

Programming, structure, opening DJ, special guests and what to expect from Madonna’s show for those who go to the sand of Copacabana or watch TV at home

Madonna will draw the crowd to Rio de Janeiro This Saturday 4 May this has already become more than clear. But Copacabana, accustomed to the grandeur of New Year’s Eve it hosts every year, is not intimidated by the legion of fans of the queen of pop who will fill the beach on Saturday. Regardless of whether you plan to get your feet dirty or watch the diva’s mammoth show from the comfort of your couch, watch here everything you need to know about Madonna’s free performance.

In Brazil from April 29th, Madonna has already been highly celebrated by fans, but she remained low-key during her time at the Copacabana Palace. Caught while looking out the hotel window, the singer took some time to post about her visit to Brazil on social media. The first last day, She posted Brazilian memes related to her on Instagram Stories.

When will Madonna’s concert in Brazil be?

Madonna will perform in Rio de Janeiro on Saturday 4 April, on Copacabana beach. The show will start around 9.45pm, last two hours and can be seen live on TV and on the Internet. First, at 7pm, the DJs warm up the audience and, at 8pm, it is the turn of the American Diplo to lead the party until Madonna arrives.

Who will perform with Madonna?

Until this text is published, the only name confirmed to share Madonna’s stage is that of American DJ Diplo. He opens the diva’s show and plays before she goes on stage. The DJ prepares a special setlist for the sands of Copacabana, curated with Brazilian music.

As for the aftermath, a party that should start as soon as the queen’s show ends, The Brazilian Pedro Sampaio was chosen. The singer himself announced his participation on Instagram. The event is also free and takes place on Palco Leme, in front of the main stage, between Rua Prado Júnior and Avenida Princesa Isabel. “We will make history in Copacabana on Saturday,” he wrote.

The rumors, however, reveal several names of Brazilians who can make special appearances with the queen of pop: Anitta, Pabllo Vittar, Ludmilla, Caetano Veloso, Ivete Sangalo, Luciano Huck, Angélica and even Xuxa have had their names mentioned by fans as possibilities.

How big is the stage and structure of Madonna’s show?

A assembled structure for presentation It is proportional to the size the event wants to have. Gigantism begins with the transfer of 270-ton equipment. According to TV Globo the material had to be divided into three cargo planes.

The area occupied by the stage Celebratory ride it is also superlative, with the structure reaching 821m² — double that of the world tour. According to BonusTrack partner Luiz Oscar Niemeyer, Madonna has performed in arenas for around 20,000 people, while the show in Rio is designed for an audience of 1 million people.

The span of this stage, side to side, is 24 meters (generally large stages are 20 meters side to side) and the ceiling height is 18 metres. Three walkways connected to the stage will allow the diva to move among the audience. There is also an elevator.

The production separated 45 trunks of clothes for costume changes between the queen of pop and the dancers. And another walkway was built to connect the stage to the Copacabana Palace, where Madonna and her team of 200 occupy 90 rooms and have set up three gyms.

What is the security structure for the megashow?

According to the State Secretariat of the Military Police of Rio, the security apparatus for Madonna’s megashow will count on 3,200 military police mobilized to act in Copacabana, using 64 vehicles or occupying the 65 observation towers, installed for the singer’s performance. An additional 1,500 civilian police officers will be present in the surrounding police stations, which will operate according to a special scheme – with an increase in staff from 5pm on Saturday 4th, until 5am on Sunday.

In the surrounding area there will be access control bars, 18 checkpoints and searches with facial recognition and police officers with 150 metal detectors. Four drones, also equipped with facial recognition, will be operated from a mobile command and control center set up two blocks from the stage. The Prime Minister will also erect support tents and strengthen patrolling.

Firefighters, rescue teams, lifeguards, firefighters, doctors and nurses will also receive reinforcements and will be on alert to respond to incidents such as drownings, fires and pre-hospital care.

Will the subway and buses run in Rio for Madonna’s show?

YES. On the day of the show the subway will run until 4 in the morning. There will be a special municipal bus line between Terminal Gentileza, located next to the bus station, and Avenida Princesa Isabel, in Copacabana. In Copacabana, car circulation will be stopped, as happens on New Year’s Eve.

The special metro timetable is valid at Cardeal Arcoverde/Copacabana, Siqueira Campos/Copacabana and Cantagalo/Copacabana stations. The other stations will continue with normal hours, from 5 to midnight. Afterwards they are only open for disembarkation. The ticket costs R$ 7.50 and can be paid with a Giro or Riocard card or by contact (just bring your Visa, Mastercard, Elo credit/debit card or mobile device with NFC technology to the turnstile validator).

The fare for the special bus costs R$8.60 and entitles you to return (passengers will receive a wristband that allows them to ride the bus for free on the return). The line does not accept supplements or tips. Buses depart from Terminal Gentileza at 1pm, and the return journey departs from Enseada de Botafogo, from 0am to 4am on Sundays. The other lines will respect traffic diversions.

Has Madonna received the title of honorary citizen of Rio de Janeiro?

The honor of making Madonna an honorary citizen of Rio was approved by the House of Councilors of the city on April 25. The defense of the project approved for the tribute states that the singer’s visit to Brazil will have an economic, cultural and tourism impact for the city, mentions the opportunity to “celebrate one of the greatest artists of all time” and highlights the achievements of Madonna in music. industry, philanthropy and activism, transcending “music and entertainment, while also influencing social and political issues around the world.” The proposal was put forward by councilors Cesar Maia (PSD) and Carlo Caiado (PSD).

Madonna does not need to appear at the Chamber to accept the title, which can be delivered anywhere. So far it is unknown whether there will be a solemn act to mark the moment.

Source: Terra

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