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The commemorative tour that brought together Chrigor, Netinho de Paula and Marcio Art arrives in Curitiba

The special show arrives at rock Curitiba on June 28, at the Teatro Positivo. Tickets on sale

What happens when three great exponents of the 90s pagoda decide to unite? Definitely a fantastic tour. This is how we can define the union of Chrigor (ExaltaSamba), Netinho de Paula (Negritude Jr) and Marcio Art (Art Popular), who celebrate 30 years of career together with a special exhibition. SAMBA 90 GRAUS arrives to rock Curitiba, on June 28, at the Teatro Positivo.

The trio birthed the project when the three realized they were completing more than 30 years of their career performing in Brazil. The tour features the greatest hits from the repertoire of its original groups.

With careers full of successes and successes that have shaped generations, singers have so many reasons to celebrate.

“It has been a 30-year career and we have had to face many difficulties to get here. On the one hand it is the feeling of mission accomplished, but on the other the feeling of having demonstrated the reason for this success, in these 30 years. And this union will give people something to talk about, it will bring a lot of people, which is only good for the movement. That’s what I believe. And the people who are the leaders of the movement together with a lot of good people from the 90s will have the opportunity sing our hits and also sing the hits of other people who have passed in our lives, making the most of Brazilian popular music.”

comments Chrigor.

Special show

In the special show, fans of the old and new generations will also be able to relive the songs that are part of the memory of many and could not be missing from the repertoire, such as: Temporal, Cohab City, Pimpolho, Utopia, Beijo Geladinho, Telegrama, Me Apaixonei pela Wrong Person, among other classics of the genre.

“I am privileged to have been part of such a talented generation like Chrigor, Marcio and many others, who after 30 years, continue with an impeccable tone and with successes that surpass decades. Being able to celebrate 30 years alongside great friends, and an Even a super production like this, from Samba 90 Graus, is a privilege for a few. God has been good to me.”

says Netinho de Paula.

The tour officially kicked off in April, with a special 3-hour show, including tech sets and a full band.

The show’s repertoire will be divided into 5 blocks, which include timeless hits that are part of every music lover’s playlist. A tailor-made experience to conquer audiences of all ages who love and respect samba in all its lineage.

“Being part of a project of this scope, size, structure, the people involved, so many people, very professionals in the field of what they do, is a very big responsibility. Because singing next to two people like Marcio Art and Netinho de Paula is practically telling 30 years of history that have marked the decades and continue to do so today, has been re-recorded by other groups”

reinforces Chrigor.

Watch the interview with Danilo Gentili:


The ’90s were notable for the style that took over radio, TV and shows across the country, thanks to its romantic lyrics, original compositions, choreography, costumes, aesthetics and infectious stage presence. Impossible to remain indifferent.

The groups that emerged mainly on the outskirts of SP are inspired by the national samba legends and also, for reference, by black American music such as soul and pop.

“Being part of this movement is a source of great honor, after all we are pioneers of a movement that continues today. Celebrating with two icons of the 90s, Netinho and Chrigor, who I also consider brothers, is a great honor” a source of joy and of honor”

comments Marcio Art.

The affective imprint still remains in the memories. The importance of these representatives has spanned decades and is today renewed, full of energy, turbulent, experienced, mature and very present in people’s hearts. This is the sound and weight that SAMBA 90 GRAUS brings to stages across the country.


Samba at 90 degrees in Curitiba

When: Friday 28 June 2024

Time: 9.15pm

Where: Teatro Positivo, in Rua Prof. Pedro Viriato Parigot de Souza, 5300 – Campo Comprido – Curitiba

How much: tickets from R$80 Sale via Disk-Ingressos.

Source: Terra

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