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Bono on Coldplay: ‘It’s not a rock band. I hope it’s obvious’

In the series Music Uncovered: The Genius Of Coldplay, Bono praised the hit ‘Clocks,’ featured on the album A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002)

Iconic singer of U2Irish rock band responsible for hits such as “With Or Without You,” “Beautiful Day,” “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” It is “Sunday Bloody Sunday,” Bono opined how Coldplaya group led by Chris Martinis not from the same musical genre.

In one of the episodes of the series Music Uncovered: The Genius Of Coldplayfrom the BBC Sounds, the singer spoke about the British band. It is worth highlighting how the production shows the journey of the group of Martin with the help of fans, musicians and important people involved in the career.

In one of the lines, Bono talk about “Clocks,” music present in A Rush of Blood to the Head (2002), second studio album by Coldplay. “It kind of sticks to you, tighter than time itself,” she said (via NME).

The artist then recalled how he “punched the air in a manly but not aggressive way” when he heard the song in question for the first time: “And then the feeling of: ‘Ah, this is just better than the song from anyone else at the moment.'”

“I should mention that the Coldplay It’s not a rock band. I hope this is obvious. There’s something much more interesting going on there, like the Isley Brothers or something like that,” he continued Bono. “They should not be judged by the rules of rocks… anger is the river that runs beneath most rock formations. The music of Coldplay it has a different source and I think it is best revealed in this song’Clocks.'”

Source: Rollingstone

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