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Anitta previews the clip that addresses religions after losing 200 thousand followers: ‘I chose quality’

‘Aceita’ will be released this Tuesday 14th and is aimed at Candomblé, the religion of which the singer belongs, as well as other religions

Anita he published the clip on his social networks Accepted, which is aimed at different religions, will be released on Tuesday 14th at noon instead of Wednesday 15th, as expected. “In this new phase of mine I have chosen quality rather than quantity. Axé”, wrote the singer in her Instagram stories, after losing more than 200 thousand followers due to her new release.

“I have lost more than 200 thousand followers since I announced my new video. It is a video in which I show not only my religion, but that of everyone involved in this production,” he explained in a post on the headquarters of Anitta, profile of the singer for the Brazilian audience, exemplifying that Gabriel do Borel, who is also part of the song, is evangelical and had his religion present in the music video.

“I’m still a little scared by the lack of evolution of human beings nowadays. There is still a huge step backwards in this sense, in accepting, understanding, respecting people’s paths,” added the singer.

Why did Anitta lose followers?

On her Instagram, Anitta shared photos from her music video, with the caption taken from an excerpt from the plot of the upcoming school samba carnival Unidos from Tijuca. The text is dedicated to the orixá Logun Edé. At the end of the plot, in which Logun Edé talks about himself, we read: “In this world of affronts, I am the fight against the humiliation of subordinate individuals, impoverished and conditioned simply by the fact of existing. Audacity is my name against those who deny a full and dignified life to young black people.”

Accepted is part of album Funky generationreleased in April.

Source: Terra

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