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Canceled tours: Fans entitled to refunds for tickets and other purchases, lawyer says

Ivete Sangallo and Ludmilla announced on Wednesday 15th the cancellation of their respective tours due to a problem with the producer

The singers Ludmilla and Ivete Sangalo have announced, this Wednesday 15th, the cancellation of their respective tours. The artists were supposed to perform in Brazil, but complained about problems with the producer in charge of organizing the event and with the conditions stipulated in the contracts.

The two artists communicated with fans via social media and regretted the inconvenience. In addition to the announcement, it was also informed that all those who purchased tickets will have to contact the company in charge of the sale to request a refund of the amount paid.

The event producer, the 30e, specified in a note that the cancellation decision was unilateral – in both cases. According to the published statement, the company said it suggests an “adaptation” of the structure and production of the shows of the “Festa” tour, which celebrates 30 years of Ivete Sangalo’s career.

As for the ‘Ludmilla In The House Tour’, there were “no negotiations prior to” the singer’s decision. The company also announced that it will publish the methods for refunding fans “as soon as possible”.

Read the press release in full:

The producer regrets, but respects the artists’ unilateral decision and clarifies that, at no time, did he consider canceling the two tours. As for the “Festa” tour, due to demand, the company proposed to the artist and his team a readjustment of the structure and production and was surprised by the published statement. Regarding the “Ludmilla in the house tour”, there was no negotiation before the artist’s exclusive decision and her declaration. 30e will announce refund procedures for fans who have already purchased tickets as soon as possible.

With more than three million people affected every year by the events it promotes, organizes and produces, 30e can affirm its full ability to keep the commitments made with its customers, partners and sponsors and informs that the other tours announced are confirmed and will have place


How can I request a refund for my ticket?

Given the cancellation of the shows, how can fans of the two artists proceed so as not to be damaged by the decision? Lawyer Rafael Quaresma, specialist in consumer law, details for readers of Earth what are the tools to appeal and not find yourself at a loss.

  • How can the customer recover the amount spent?

“You need to contact the supplier himself, which could be the organizer or the website that has intermediary in the sale. The first thing is to express this interest in recovering the amount paid, since the tour was cancelled, and all this without any interference , participation, contribution of consumers”, explains Quaresma.

  • The cancellation was made at the last minute. Isn’t the deadline too short?

“In principle there is no established deadline. What we have as a statutory deadline does not apply to this situation, which would be a regret, even a cancellation, but as long as it comes from the consumer. There is no regret for the supplier , so there is no deadline,” says the lawyer.

Quaresma further adds: “The risk of the activity is borne by the supplier, therefore the risk deriving from such cancellation must also be absorbed by the supplier.”

  • Can artists be punished? The producer stated that the cancellation was unilateral.

For Rafael Quaresma the contractual issue between the producer and the artists is internal and must be resolved between the parties. In other words, it does not concern the consumer and does not affect him.

“Everyone has a responsibility towards the consumer. Therefore, from the artist himself, who would be the performer of the service – of the show -, as well as from the producer, organizer – whoever markets this event. Therefore, towards the consumer, a refund must be made “, explains. “Now, obviously, if I am the producer, and I did not cause this cancellation, surely in my contract with the artist there is a clause that establishes a compensation, a reimbursement of these sums, of the expenses I have incurred Sometimes there is a fine established.”

  • When is it advisable to look for Procon?

The expert specifies that, if the consumer is unable to recover the value of the ticket and is ignored by those responsible, it is necessary to formalize a complaint with the consumer protection bodies.

“In addition to Procon, there is an official platform, which is consumer.gov.br, which can help the consumer resolve this situation. And, if none of this works, in a possible judicial process, moral damages will most likely also be charged,” he adds.

  • Who purchased transportation and accommodation, how is it going?

Fans of the artists who needed to purchase bus or plane tickets and accommodation to attend the shows should also ask for a refund. Quaresma says that in these cases it is best to look for the responsible companies.

“There is a saying that we say is ‘the accessory follows the principal’. In this case, if I no longer have the show and therefore have a refund of the amount paid, all other proven expenses that have been incurred will have to be refunded ” he says, referring to booking hotels and tickets.

“It is important that this is also extended to these other expenses, obviously provided that evidence of already contracted expenses is provided. This does not apply, if any, to expenses incurred after the announcement of the tour cancellation,” he warns.

Source: Terra

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