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Steve Perry Plans Triumphal Return to Stage and New Album

Steve Perry Reveals New Projects and Hopes to Return to the Stage

Steve Perryformer lead singer of the band Journeyin a recent interview shared about his renewed passion for music and his future plans in the music scene, including the possibility of returning to tours.

A Musical Return After a Long Time

After a 22-year hiatus without recording, Perry returned with the album Traces in 2018. Although he did not tour to promote the album, the rock star expressed a renewed interest in music. Recently, Perry collaborated with the band The Effect in the new version of the song “It Could Have Been You” of Journeyfirst released in 1986.

Why didn’t Steve Perry tour after his return?

When asked why he didn’t go on tour with Traces, Perry revealed that age and the search for authenticity in his art were determining factors.

“My age and its physical limitations, as well as the need to rediscover my true artistic essence, kept me away from the stage,” he explained.

Exploring the Desire to Return to the Stage

The singer discussed his internal struggle to return to touring, expressing a deep desire to rediscover his love of live performance. Perry does not rule out the possibility of returning to the stage, indicating that it remains an aspiration that he hopes to fulfill.

Steve Perry (Photo: Getty Images)

New Horizons and Support from the New Music Label

Steve Perry is excited about signing with a new music label, the name of which will be revealed soon. He anticipates fruitful collaboration with creative people in the industry, which further motivates him to create new music and plan future releases.

Return with the album Traces.
Collaboration with the band The Effect.
Possible return to tours.
New signature with an innovative seal.
In addition to planning a new album to follow up Traces It is The Season, Perry reflects on his historical participation in the project “We Are the World”reliving intense moments alongside icons such as Bruce Springsteen, Michael Jackson and Tina Turner. This nostalgia and recognition of his legacy only strengthens his desire to continue impacting the world of music.

An Uncertain but Hopeful Future
Back to the height of emotion and creativity, Perry eagerly awaiting the chance to return to the studio and, perhaps, the stage. Meanwhile, fans remain in anticipation of more inspiring works from this eternal rock music icon.

This news was based on the page: https://www.rollingstone.com/music/music-features/steve-perry-says-he-may-tour-1235015967/

Source: Rollingstone

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