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Ricky Martin is accused of domestic violence by the ex


Objective of the restraining order issued this Saturday, 02, the singer denies the accusation

Ricky Martin, 50, became the target of a restraining order issued this Saturday, 02, by a judge in Puerto Rico. The reason for issuing the document was a complaint of domestic violence.

According to the Associated Press, the restraining order against Ricky Martin it was signed on Friday 1. On the same day, the authorities were sent to the singer’s home in Dorado, a noble region of the island, to fulfill.

At the moment it is not known who asked for the restraining order, as the law guarantees secrecy and anonymity to those who report it. The singer’s press secretary told People magazine that “the charges against Ricky Martin they are completely false and fabricated ».

What is known about the restraining order?

According to the newspaper ‘El Vocero’, the document underlines this Riky and another person had been in a relationship for seven months. The two would have separated two months ago, but Martin would not accept the breakup and would call the person quite frequently.

The newspaper added that the singer was seen “wandering around the person’s residence on at least three occasions” and that the informant “fears for his safety”.

According to police officers interviewed by “El Vocero”, the order bans martino to contact or call the person. Subsequently, a judge will determine at the hearing whether the order should remain in effect or be withdrawn.

The local police also specified that the person who requested the restraining order he did not contact the police, but the request was submitted directly to the court, leaving the investigators to determine whether or not there was sufficient evidence to file a complaint.

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